Genshin Impact best weapons for Jean – 7 strong swords we think work

Genshin Impact best weapons for Jean – 7 strong swords we think work
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The best weapons for Jean in Genshin Impact must improve her ATK since this is the scaling for the damage and healing she can provide. Jean is viable both as an Anemo offensive healer or support, and an on-field DPS character. As such, Jean can use several swords and still perform brilliantly.

Even as a Healer, Jean’s kit is geared towards doing damage and healing the team through her passive and Burst. Better yet, she can shred resistance with the Viridescent Venerer’s Artifact set which pairs perfectly with her Anemo and Swirl skills.

For more Genshin Impact, make sure you read our guides covering our picks for the best weapons for Bennett and the best weapons for Xiangling. Now, these are our picks for the best weapons for Jean in Genshin Impact.

Skyrider Sword – if you have no other choice

Jean holding the Skyrider Sword in Genshin Impact
Jean holding the Skyrider Sword in Genshin Impact (Image taken by
  • Lvl. 90 Base ATK: Attack +354
  • Lvl. 90 Bonus Stat: Energy Recharge +51.7%
  • Passive Effect: Using an Elemental Burst grants a 12% increase in ATK and Movement SPD for 15s.

The Skyrider Sword is the only three-star weapon on our list, but its effectiveness is not to be taken lightly. It is the best early free-to-play choice with an Energy Recharge effect for a Support Jean until you come across the Amenoma Kageuchi.

The sword’s passive effect also grants a buff in attack and movement speed for 15 seconds by using Elemental Burst. Once Jean’s Burst is activated, you can then hit enemies faster which will trigger Jean’s passive healing effect, letting her top off anyone who lost HP.

✓ Pro Tip from a genshin expert

Skyward Sword, really?

It isn’t good for mid or end-game Jean, but we have to start somewhere. We only recommend this as good for Jean if you are in the early game content and don’t have anything better. As you progress, you can switch this out.

The Black Sword – surprisingly decent

Jean holding the Black Sword in Genshin Impact
Jean holding the Black Sword in Genshin Impact (Image taken by
  • Lvl 90 Base Attack: Attack +510
  • Lvl 90 Bonus Stat: Crit Rate +27.6%
  • Passive Effect: Increases DMG dealt by Normal and Charged Attacks by 25%. Additionally, regenerates 70% of ATK as HP when Normal and Charged Attacks score a Crit hit. This can occur every 5s.

As a Battle Pass weapon, the Black Sword can be utilised on Jean in some specific setups. As a main DPS, this will enhance damage done by her Normal and Charged Attack, but due to how DMG and ATK are calculated, it can be confusing if this weapon is good for Jean. We’ve seen that using it on a main DPS Jean yields an increase in her healing when her Passive triggers, but her Burst healing is unchanged.

To this end, the Black Sword will be best utilised on a more DPS-focused build for Jean. Her main source of damage will be from her attacks, not her Skill. Jean’s Charged Attack also isn’t the best and this helps with that thanks to the DMG increase. All in all, this is a great weapon for Jean, but it is easily outclassed by several others due to the limited utility it has on her.

Favonius Sword – covers your energy needs

Jean holding the Favonius Sword in Genshin Impact
Jean holding the Favonius Sword in Genshin Impact. (Image taken by
  • Lvl 90 Base Attack: Attack +454
  • Lvl 90 Bonus Stat: Energy Recharge +61.3%
  • Passive Effect: Crits have a 60% chance to generate a small amount of Elemental Particles, which will regenerate 6 Energy for the character. Can only occur every 12s.

The Favonius Sword is a fantastic weapon for Jean. While the Base Attack is lacking, it does make it for this with a huge ER stat and a passive feature that will further generate a bunch of particles for your team. If that’s not enough to persuade you, the character trailer for Jean features this weapon as her signature sword.

✓ pro tip

Balance ER and ATK%

When it comes to Jean, you want to make sure you’re not doubling up your weapon’s substat with your Artifacts. For example, if you have an ER sword like Fav, you want to make sure you take an ATK% Artifact. This applies when using an ATK% weapon, since Jean does want ER in her builds.

Amenoma Kageuchi – best free-to-play option

Jean holding the Amenoma Kageuchi sword in Genshin Impact
Jean holding the Amenoma Kageuchi sword in Genshin Impact. (Image taken by
  • Lvl. 90 Base ATK: Attack +454
  • Lvl. 90 Bonus Stat: ATK +55.1%
  • Passive Effect: After casting an Elemental Skill, gain 1 Succession Seed. This effect can be triggered once every 5s. The Succession Seed lasts for 30s. Up to 3 Succession Seeds may exist simultaneously. After using an Elemental Burst, all Succession Seeds are consumed and after 2s, the character regenerates 6 Energy for each seed consumed.

If you are looking for the best free-to-play weapons for Jean, you won’t find a better option than Amenoma Kageuchi. Despite being a four-star weapon, it rivals some of the premium 5* weapons since it is craftable for free. Its bonus stat gives you a 55.1% ATK buff, increasing Jean’s damage and healing capabilities at the same time.

One of the best aspects of Amenoma is its ability to regenerate Energy using the Elemental Burst. Due to its stacking potential, you can use Elemental Skill several times before using the Burst to increase Energy regeneration. So, you can run a much lower Energy Recharge build with this weapon if you invest in its Refinement Rank.

✓ our thoughts

The best F2P sword for Jean

Since this can be forged and, in turn, refined to R5 relatively easily, the Amenoma Kageuchi is a brilliant weapon for Jean. It helps with ER and has a bonus stat with ATK%, which will help increase DPS and healing.

Aquila Favonia – situationally brilliant

Jean holding Aquila Favonia sword in Genshin Impact
Jean holding Aquila Favonia sword in Genshin Impact (Image taken by
  • Lvl. 90 Base ATK: Attack +674
  • Lvl. 90 Bonus Stat: Physical DMG Bonus +41.3%
  • Passive Effect: ATK is increased by 20%. Triggers on taking DMG: the soul of the Falcon of the West awakens, holding the banner of the resistance aloft, regenerating HP equal to 100% of ATK, and dealing 200% of ATK as DMG to surrounding opponents. This effect can only occur once every 15s.

Aquila Favonius is one of the best five-star weapons for Jean only with a slight caveat. If you aren’t interested in using Jean’s Skill to deal damage, you can opt to go for a purely physical DPS build with Jean using this weapon. It will improve her ATK stat and give you plenty of damage, which will translate into more healing as well.

The biggest problem for Jean is her lack of ability to gather enemies. As an Anemo character, her Skill only has a small pull effect that isn’t anywhere near as powerful as Sucrose or Kazuha, and so this effectively removes the need to even try and make her good at grouping by opting for raw damage over anything else.

Skyward Blade

  • Lvl. 90 Base ATK: Attack +608
  • Lvl. 90 Bonus Stat: Energy Recharge +55.1%
  • CRIT Rate increased by 4%. Gains Skypiercing Might upon using an Elemental Burst: Increases Movement SPD by 10%, increases ATK SPD by 10%, and Normal and Charged hits deal additional DMG equal to 20% of ATK. Skypiercing Might lasts for 12s.

The Skyward Blade ranks higher for us than the Aquila Favonia, simply because it does more for Jean’s overall kit than just increasing her ATK. The ER stat is extremely helpful for Jean and frees up an Artifact slot to have more ATK% for more DPS and healing.

The passive bonus of the Skyward Blade is also nothing to turn your nose up at. The Crit Rate bonus, the ATK SPD and the increase to Normal DMG based on ATK mean this sword is almost made for Jean. It has excellent utility and few other characters can make the most of it.

Primordial Jade Cutter – the best weapon for Jean

Jean in the character menu in Genshin Impact
Jean in the character menu in Genshin Impact (Image taken by
  • Lvl. 90 Base ATK: Attack +542
  • Lvl. 90 Bonus Stat: CRIT Rate +44.1%
  • Passive Effect: HP increased by 20%. Additionally, provides an ATK Bonus based on 1.2% of the wielder’s Max HP.

The Primordial Jade Cutter is one of the best weapons for Jean on almost any build due to the sheer amount of attack, damage, and Crit Rate it provides. If you were enough to pull for this weapon on its limited banner, you have no reason to use another weapon on Jean.

What makes Jade Cutter the best choice is its HP scaling effect which grants an ATK bonus based on the wielder’s max HP. As you might imagine, this increase in HP synergising with ATK is simply fantastic for Jean’s kit. Her healing and damage are based on ATK, and this will give her a massive boost thanks to the stats on it.

✓ Good to know

How do I get this weapon?

The Primordial Jade Cutter is, sadly, a limited weapon event Wish sword. It typically appears on Banners when Albedo has a re-run, but these are few and far between. Due to its rare nature, few people have it so feel free to choose the Skyward Blade or Aquila Favonia, or any other options on this list for Jean.

That’s the end of our picks for the best weapon for Jean in Genshin Impact. No matter how you build Jean, she will always be a powerhouse of damage and healing, thanks to her ATK scaling. All of these weapons can be used with Jean for her best builds, and we’ve had plenty of success using Jean as a main DPS in many situations.

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Best weapons for Jean FAQ

Can Jean use the Sacrificial Sword?

While she can, you should avoid using the Sac Sword with Jean. Its passive effect is much better utilised on other characters, and the ER you get from Favonius is better in every way.

What if I don’t have any of the five-star swords?

No problem! Jean can perform extremely well without them. While they are her best pick, that doesn’t mean her other options aren’t just as good. Use what you have, and if you use the Amenoma Kageuchi, you should refine it to R5 for a decent increase to Jean’s ER.