Genshin Impact – the best Battle Pass weapons

Genshin Impact – the best Battle Pass weapons
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The best Battle Pass weapons in Genshin Impact is hard to pin down. It wouldn’t be a free-to-play game without a Battle Pass, and the one in Genshin Impact is arguably one of the least intrusive. The free rewards are extremely helpful and you get 50 of them, including four Wishes on the Standard Banner.

There are 50 levels to the Battle Pass, and if you purchase it you will get access to one of ten weapons when you reach level 30 in the BP. Purchasing also gets you four Intertwined Fate and 680 Primogems. As of patch 4.0, five more weapons were added to the Battle Pass.

Elsewhere in Genshin, you can forge incredibly powerful weapons if you don’t want to spend money. Also, check our guide explaining the game’s Pity system. Now, let’s look at the best Battle Pass weapon in Genshin Impact.

Best Battle Pass weapons in Genshin Impact

The best weapons from the Battle Pass in Genshin Impact will depend on several factors, mostly depending on the weapons you have available before buying the BP and the characters you’re trying to build. All of them, with one exception, are fantastic weapons in their own right to the point they aren’t comparable to each other.

Every weapon from the Battle Pass is a 4-star rarity and some weapons are better suited to specific characters. While the BP weapons are generally good for most, they shine through on a select few. One example is the Deathmatch polearm for Hu Tao, a phenomenally good weapon if you don’t have the Staff of Homa or the Primordial Jade-Winged Spear.

Talking Stick

Genshin Impact best battle pass weapon: image shows the Talking Stick
  • Weapon type: Claymore
  • Sub Stat: Crit Rate.
  • Passive Effect: ATK will be increased by 16% for 15s after being affected by Pyro. This effect can be triggered once every 12s. All Elemental DMG Bonus will be increased by 12% for 15s after being affected by Hydro, Cryo, Electro, or Dendro. This effect can be triggered once every 12s.

The Talking Stick is one of the worst options to choose as your weapon from the Battle Pass. Its passive effect is far too situational and unreliable. While the Crit Rate substat is great, you can get this from the Serpent Spine, which is better than this Claymore in every single way.

Scion of Blazing Sun

Genshin Impact best battle pass weapon: image shows the Scion of the blazing sun
  • Weapon type: Bow
  • Sub Stat: Crit Rate
  • Passive Effect: After a Charged Attack hits an opponent, a Sunfire Arrow will descend upon the opponent hit, dealing 60% ATK as DMG, and applying the Heartsearer effect to the opponent damaged by said Arrow for 10s. Opponents affected by Heartsearer take 28% more Charged Attack DMG from the wielder. A Sunfire Arrow can be triggered once every 10s.

The Scion of the Blazing Sun is perfect for bow DPS characters. It enhances both Charged and Normal Attacks, but it performs better for Charged Attack characters due to the passive effect can only be applied by a charged shot.

Any any who is hit by a Charged Attack will trigger the Sunfire Arrow and Heatsearer, the latter of which will debuff enemies and make them take increased damage from Charged Attacks. Due to this, Lyney and Tighnari are good users of this weapon, along with:

  • Ganyu
  • Amber
  • Childe

The utility you get out of this weapon will vary depending on what you have available and if you have better gacha weapons from the banners.

Sacrificial Jade

Genshin Impact best battle pass weapon: image shows the sacrificial jade
  • Weapon type: Catalyst
  • Sub Stat: Crit Rate
  • Passive Effect: When not on the field for more than 5s, Max HP will be increased by 32% and Elemental Mastery will be increased by 40. These effects will be cancelled after the wielder has been on the field for 10s.

The Sacrificial Jade is one of the best Battle Pass weapons for off-field characters. Its passive effect triggers when the character equipping this hasn’t been on-field for five seconds. Due to this, picking a character who has an off-field skill or can quickly swap in to attack and swap out will work wonderfully.

Neuvillete, with a bit of timing management, can use this weapon perfectly since he will have enough time to use his Skill and then hydro-pump with his Charged Attack. Otherwise, the following characters can use this Catalyst well:

  • Nahida
  • Yae Miko
  • Sucrose
  • Baizhu

Since this Catalyst buffs HP, healers such as Baizhu can benefit from using the Sacrificial Jade. More HP means more healing, and they won’t be on-field most of the time which means they will always trigger the passive.

Solar Pearl

  • Weapon type: Catalyst
  • Sub Stat: Crit Rate
  • Passive Effect: Normal Attack hits increase Elemental Skill and Burst DMG by 20% for 6s. Likewise, Elemental Skill or Burst hits increase Normal Attack DMG by 20% for 6s.

The Solar Pearl, like all Battle Pass weapons, comes with Crit Rate which is always a great stat to have on your weapons. The passive makes it suitable for main DPS characters who will have their normal attacks, Elemental Skill, and Elemental Bursts all buffed during your rotations.

The emphasis here is on Normal Attacks, which is perfect for the likes of Yanfei, Wanderer, and Ningguan. Solar Pearl is a flexible weapon that can perform well for most Catalyst users. The weapon pairs well with the following characters:

  • Yae Miko
  • Wanderer
  • Yanfei
  • Ningguan
  • Mona
  • Lisa

When picking the perfect person for this Catalyst, you should consider who benefits the most from buffs to Normal Attacks. Yanfei’s kit is perfectly suited for this sort of DPS, as is Ningguan, both of whom can increase the damage of their Normal Attacks with their Skills and Bursts.

Viridescent Hunt

  • Weapon type: Bow
  • Sub Stat: Crit Rate
  • Passive Effect: Upon hit, Normal and Charged Attacks have a 50% chance to generate a cyclone, which will continuously attract surrounding opponents, dealing 40% of ATK as DMG for 4s. This effect can only trigger every 14s.

The Viridescent Hunt is a pretty good weapon, often overlooked and underrated. The Crit Rate stat is valuable and can help enable better Crit Rate/DMG ratios. Its ability is good for handling small crowds of enemies as it will bunch them up together, giving you a minor grouping effect without Anemo characters.

Thanks to the damage increase and its passive effect, this bow is incredibly good for Childe, who can benefit from grouping enemies to spread his Riptide effect. Otherwise, you can use this bow comfortably on the following characters:

  • Yoimiya
  • Ganyu
  • Tighnari
  • Yelan
  • Fischl

While Fischl generally wants more EM than anything, the Viridescent Hunt can perform well for her since it will gather enemies in a group letting you unleash Oz on them all and chain enemies together with whatever reactions you’ve got in your team.

Ballad of the Fjords

A screenshot of the best battle pass weapons - Ballad of Fjords in Genshin Impact.
  • Weapon type: Polearm
  • Sub Stat: Crit Rate
  • Passive Effect: When there are at least 3 different Elemental Types in your party, Elemental Mastery will be increased by 120.

The Ballad of the Fjords is a decent weapon, but it only really shines through when used by a character in a Dendro-team comp. The main benefit of this weapon is the outrageously large Elemental Mastery buff depending on your team comp.

Dendro-focused teams can enable Hyperbloom, Burgeon, or Aggravate teams which are some of the strongest in Genshin. Triggering Dendro reactions with someone using this weapon will increase the effects of any cores, burning, and electro-related effects to deal incredible damage. The following characters can benefit from this:

  • Hu Tao
  • Cyno
  • Xiangling
  • Thoma

We want to stress once more that the Ballad of the Fjords is only good in Dendro teams. Otherwise, the EM is wasted on other reactions, and you won’t see as good damage returns.

The Black Sword

  • Weapon type: Sword
  • Sub Stat: Crit Rate
  • Passive Effect: Increases DMG dealt by Normal and Charged Attacks by 20%. Additionally, regenerates 60% of ATK as HP when Normal and Charged Attacks score a CRIT Hit. This effect can occur once every 5s.

The Black Sword is one the best Battle Pass weapons in Genshin. It provides a decent buff to your Normal and Charged Attack damage. If that wasn’t good enough, then it also gives your character healing for every Critical attack every 5 seconds, which makes for some very useful self-sustain.

You can use this weapon on your main DPS, and it will help remove your reliance on a healer in your team. This will let you slot in another sub-DPS and focus on a more offensive playstyle. The weapon pairs well with the following characters:

  • Ayato
  • Ayaka
  • Keqing
  • Kaeya

While its damage is outclassed by most 5-star Swords, The Black Sword is a great weapon to get your hands on due to its damage and healing passive.

Serpent Spine

  • Weapon type: Claymore
  • Sub Stat: Crit Rate
  • Passive Effect: Every 4s a character is on the field, they will deal 6% more DMG and take 3% more DMG. This effect has a maximum of 5 stacks and will not be reset if the character leaves the field, but will be reduced by 1 stack when the character takes DMG.

Some consider the Serpent Spine the Battle Pass weapon in Genshin. Most Claymores lack Crit Rate, which lets the Serpent Spine fill a particularly useful niche, allowing it to compete with some of the best 5-star claymores in the game. It also has a powerful stacking damage buff that goes up to 30%.

Unless you have better Claymores lying around, you can pair this weapon with any main DPS or even sub-DPS character. Main DPS characters will benefit the most from its ability since they need to be on-field. The weapon pairs well with the following characters:

  • Diluc
  • Beidou
  • Kaveh
  • Chongyun
  • Razor
  • Araki Itto
  • Eula

The Serpent Spine is one of the best Claymores in the game, and while not obligatory, it can justify investment into the Battle Pass.


  • Weapon type: Polearm
  • Sub Stat: Crit Rate
  • Passive Effect: If there are at least 2 enemies nearby, ATK and DEF are increased by 16%. If there are less than 2 enemies nearby, ATK is increased by 24%.

Deathmatch has slightly different stats compared to the rest of the Battle Pass weapons. It trades in some Attack damage for a higher Crit Rate stat, surpassing the Crit Rate of the Jade-Winged Spear. The weapon provides a very simple attack buff depending on the number of enemies around you, making it useful in crowded combat scenarios and single-target situations. The weapon pairs well with the following characters:

  • Xiao
  • Hu Tao
  • Raiden
  • Cyno

The weapon is somewhat outclassed by a few 4-star weapons such as the Catch and other 5-star polearms, but it remains a very strong pick for most of your Polearm users.


A screenshot of one of the best battle pass weapons in Genshin Impact: the Wolf-Fang
  • Weapon type: Sword
  • Sub Stat: Crit Rate
  • Passive Effect: DMG dealt by Elemental Skill and Elemental Burst is increased by 16%. When an Elemental Skill hits an opponent, its CRIT Rate will be increased by 2%. When an Elemental Burst hits an opponent, its CRIT Rate will be increased by 2%. Both of these effects last 10s separately, have 4 max stacks, and can be triggered once every 0.1s.

The Wolf-Fang is our pick for the best Battle Pass weapon in Genshin. Other than being one of the better weapons to use on Furina, the Wolf-Fang is a brilliant DPS and support-based weapon for your sword users. You need to give this sword to characters whose Elemental Skill hits enemies multiple times to benefit from the buff it provides.

Other than the passive buff, the increase to Elemental Skill and Burst damage is extremely good for DPS characters. Considering giving the Wolf-Fang to the following units:

  • Furina
  • Alhaitham
  • Ayato
  • Keqing

The weapon is good for anyone who has a multi-hitting Skill and Burst. Consider this carefully when giving it to your characters. Outside of the Wolf-Fang, plenty of other amazing weapons exist in Genshin that you don’t need to pay for.

✓ Our Opinion

Is the Battle Pass worth it?

The answer to this depends on who you want the weapon for and which characters you have invested in and built. The Battle Pass weapons are comfortably good, but they’re not the best of the best.

The battle pass in Genshin can provide you with some uniquely powerful weapons on top of the already generous rewards at a low price tag. Generally speaking, if you happen to max out the Battle Pass and have some money to spare, there’s no harm in getting it then.

If you are a regular player who does not mind spending some cash on the game, the Battle Pass will provide you with your money’s worth of resources along with some of the best Crit weapons the game has to offer.

That’s all you need to know about the best Battle Pass weapons in Genshin. For more, make sure you read our guides covering all the playable characters in the game and our comprehensive build guide for Furina.