Genshin Impact – the best Talents to Crown

Genshin Impact – the best Talents to Crown
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Since not all Talents are born equal, so you should know the best Talents to Crown in Genshin Impact. Upgrading Talents is fundamental to making your characters stronger, and while the materials for talent-leveling are quite simple initially, the demand only grows.

When you level one of your character’s Talents to level 9, it will require a new form of currency to proceed to the last level: Crown of Insight. Using your Crown of Insight is known as ‘Crowning’ your Talents. The Crown of Insight item is limited and you can only get it through limited-time events and other one-time rewards.

For more Genshin, read our guides covering the best free weapons to craft and all the playable characters in the game. Now, these are our picks for the best Talents to Crown in Genshin Impact.

Best Talents to Crown in Genshin Impact

The Talents on this list (in no particular order) have been carefully selected based on several factors, different between DPS and Support talents. The idea is to maximize damage output for DPS mains and the effectiveness of support abilities (healing, crowd control, shields, etc.) for Support characters.

We’re basing this list on our own experience with Genshin and how characters perform. A good general rule of thumb is to not get too bogged down with the numbers.

If you like a character enough to call them a main or your favourite character, then go ahead and Triple Crown them without reserve. These are our picks for the best Talents to Crown in Genshin:

1. Furina’s Burst – Let the People Rejoice

Screenshot of Furina in Genshin Impact showing Talent screen

Now that Furina is in the game and we’re figuring out her role in the team, it’s crystal clear she’s one of the best support units in the game. Her Burst, Let the People Rejoice, can provide an extremely significant DPS buff to your whole party, synergising exceptionally well with how her fluctuating HP mechanic works. Crowning this Talent will not only give you increased damage with Furina’s Burst, but your party will benefit significantly from the buff it provides to damage and incoming healing.

2. Kazuha’s Burst – Kazuha Slash

Screenshot of Genshin Impact character Kazuha's Talent screen.

Kazuha is one of the best Anemo units in the game that can group enemies up like no other. His Ultimate provides his best utility, shredding resistance and Swirling any element it catches when used. After you use Kazuha’s Burst, it will remain on the field for a long time, periodically triggering anemo damage and Swirling any other element it comes into contact with.

Due to how useful Kazuha is as a DPS support and overall buffer to your team, he is one of the most valuable characters in Genshin. You should heavily invest in all three of his Talents to maximise his potential.

4. Zhongli’s Skill – Dominus Lapidis

Genshin Impact talents to crown - image shows Zhongli in the character screen

Zhongli is known in Genshin as the best Shield character. The shield provided by Dominus Lapidis absorbs the most damage out of every other shield unit, and this fact alone is why it is one of the best Talents to crown in Genshin. The strength of his shield scales from this Talent and his HP, providing a huge boost to how much his shields can absorb.

As a bonus, Dominus Lapidis also creates a Stone Stele when using Zhongli’s Skill. This construct appears on the field and deals continuous AoE Geo damage that can dish out decent DPS when levelled. At level 10, the shield created by Dominus Lapidis will have a base absorption of 2,712 HP with an additional absorption bonus of 23% of Zhongli’s max HP.

5. Mona’s Burst – Stellaris Phantasm

A screenshot of an anime character showcasing their best talent while wearing a blue hat.
A screenshot of an anime character showcasing their best talent while wearing a blue hat.

Mona is used in a lot of one-shot team comps and this can be done thanks to the absolutely massive damage multipliers on her Burst, Stellaris Phantasm. Even at level 8, Mona’s Burst will deal 708% damage to enemies and make the enemies take over 50% increased damage from all sources.

Due to how powerful Mona’s Burst is, this Talent is a must-have for anyone using Mona in a Morgana team or just in general. She can help enable some massive damage numbers and it’s all thanks to levelling her Burst talent to level 10.

7. Ganyu’s Normal Attack – Liutian Archery

Genshin Impact best Talents: Image shows Ganyu in the character screen

Ganyu is one of the strongest DPS characters in the game, and it is all thanks to her Charged Shot. Hold the charge for a few seconds and you’ll unleash a powerful AoE arrow infused with Cryo. This effect is called the Frostflake Arrow, and at full charge, it will produce about 4 shards that rain down at the point of impact, each one hitting for tremendous damage.

Charge Level 2, in particular, makes Ganyu’s normal attack so formidable, which is why DPS mains relying on her must crown this talent no matter what. In terms of power, the level 10 rank of this Talent has a huge damage multiplier on it for the Bloom DMG, clocking in at a 392% damage increase.

8. Ayaka’s Burst – Kamisato Art: Soumetsu

Ayaka’s Elemental Burst Kamisato Art Soumetsu

Ayaka is widely considered to be Ganyu’s sword counterpart. Upon activating her Elemental Burst, Ayaka unleashes what she calls a Frostflake Seki no To, a vortex of icicles that inflict Cryo damage repeatedly to anyone who gets caught in it. Moreover, once the vortex expires, a burst of frost ensues that also inflicts Cryo damage over a certain area.

Ayaka’s Elemental Burst is the strongest talent in her arsenal, which is why DPS mains including her in their composition must Crown it. It almost yields a 6% gain from levels 9 to 10, totalling a boost of over 200% from the base level.

9. Hu Tao’s Skill – Guide to Afterlife

A screenshot showcasing the best talents of a Hu Tao in Genshin Impact

Hu Tao is hands down one of the strongest Pryo DPS characters in Genshin Impact. To this end, investing in her Elemental Skill Talent will give you the best returns on her personal DPS. When activated, her skill reduces her HP by 30% which in turn grants her a bonus to damage based on her max HP. HP is an incredibly important stat for Hu Tao, and this Talent makes the most out of that fact. At level 10, Hu Tao gets an increase to her ATK based on 6.26% of her max HP.

10. Yoimiya’s Normal Attack – Firework Flare-Up

Genshin Impact screenshot shows Yoimiya in the Talent screen.

Yoimiya’s normal attack, Firework Flare-Up has three levels to it, the first naturally being the standard combo of shots fired from her bow – the combo can be extended to five consecutive hits at maximum. Furthermore, if you were to hold the input button, Yoimiya would charge up her bow, where the charge would progress through two different levels.

While you don’t want to use Yoimiya’s Charged Attack, you want to Crown this Talent for her because her Normal Attack is her main source of DPS, especially when enhanced by her Elemental Skill. Pumping more damage in Yoimiya’s Normal Attack is the best thing for her, making this one of the best Talents to Crown in Genshin.

11. Raiden Shogun’s Burst – Secret Art: Musou Shinsetsu

Genshin Impact best Talents to Crown: Image of Raiden Shogun in the character screen.

As we move towards Support characters, Raiden Shogun serves as the perfect interlude between the two. Although she is formally considered a DPS character, her talents also express some support-based characteristics, particularly her Skill. She is the first character on this list who is not only a master of the Electro element but also the wielder of a polearm.

Upon activating her Elemental Burst, Raiden will consume the Chakra Desiderata’s Resolve stacked up by her party (using elemental skills and bursts) to unleash the Musou Isshin: a powerful weapon infused with Electro. With such a buff, one can expect all of her normal attacks to do increased Electro damage, particularly her charged normal attack. As such, upgrading this talent approximately yields 6% in her buffed charge attack, summing up to a net 700% increase from its base level.

12. Bennett’s Burst – Fantastic Voyage

Genshin Impact screenshot shows Bennett in the Talent screen.

Bennett’s Elemental Burst is one of the best Talents to Crown by far. Being one of the most cost-effective buffer characters in the game, Bennett stands quite on par with five-star support characters despite being of four-star rarity himself.

Although Bennett’s Elemental Burst (Fantastic Voyage) comes off as an offensive talent embodying a Pyro-infused jumping attack, the “Inspiration Field” he leaves behind is where the real magic happens. On top of healing characters in the field, it will grant an ATK-based buff to your active character. This buff is considerable and can greatly improve the damage of your team, especially if your main DPS is a Pyro.

13. Xiangling’s Burst – Pyronado

Xiangling's Elemental Burst Pyronado

As a character who’s constantly gaining access to new synergies and strategies, she is held in high regard as far as the meta goes for Sub-DPS characters. Xiangling’s Elemental Burst, Pyronado, unleashes a vortex of fire through the motion of her polearm.

This vortex follows around your character, meaning you don’t need to have Xiangling on the field. Of course, enemies caught up in the vortex’s hitbox will consistently take damage, making it a great Sub-DPS Talent. With that said, crowning Pyronado will see a huge update to Xiangling’s utility.

14. Xingqiu’s Burst – Guhua Sword: Raincutter

Genshin Impact screenshot shows Xingqiu in the Talent screen.

Xingqiu is widely known as one of the best off-field supports for a ton of teams. This is all thanks to his Elemental Burst, Guhua Sword: Raincutter. When used, the next time your active character attacks it will be combined with Hydro swords that home in on your target.

Since these swords inflict hydro damage, they can be cleverly paired with Cryo magic to maximize elemental reactions and the combinations are endless. Invest in Xingqiu if you need an off-field Hydro DPS.

15. Nahida’s Skill – All Schemes to Know

Nahida is easily one of the best Dendro characters, which makes sense since she’s the Archon of Sumeru. Her Sub-DPS talent makes her stand out, which makes it incredibly easy to capitalize off elemental reactions at a much larger scale, being a must-have for any Hyperbloom or Aggrevate teams. Nahida’s Skill can be used in two ways, where both ultimately tag a certain amount of enemies with the Seed of Skandha. Holding the input button enters Nahida into aiming mode, where she can pan across the screen for a short duration to mark as many enemies as possible.

Regardless of whether you hold or press the Skill, Nahida will deal AoE Dendro damage. Enemies marked with the Seed of Skandha will form a connection, where executing an elemental reaction on even one of them will cause a domino effect that will spread to everyone else marked as well. Suffice it to say, Nahida’s skill is easily one of the best Talents to crown in Genshin.

16. Fischl’s Skill – Nightrider

Fischl is another brilliant four-star Electro character and it’s because her Skill is perfect for off-field damage. Fischl’s Elemental Skill, Nightrider, has good synergy with all elements, being wonderful in Taser, Superconduct, and Overload teams.

Upon activation, Fischl summons Oz, her faithful raven who will shoot Electro projectiles at a set interval. Of course, Fischl can be swapped out after triggering the skill, and Oz will continue rampaging for the remainder of his duration, generating a copious amount of energy for recharge.

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Crown the Talents you love

Genshin is all about having fun. Even if you don’t play in the optimal way, playing the characters you like and enjoy will get the most fun out of the game.

That’s all you need to know about the best Talents to Crown in Genshin Impact. For more Genshin, we have guides covering redemption codes and our guide explaining the Ousia and Pneuma systems in the game.