Forspoken: Parkour Guide 

Forspoken: Parkour Guide 
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The parkour system in Forspoken has been touted as a key element of the game since it was first revealed. And once you gain access to the Flow magic and can activate Frey’s parkour at will, it hardly disappoints.  

We’ll let you know when you unlock Forspoken’s parkour system, how it works, and how to upgrade your parkour movement with our guide. 

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Forspoken – How To Unlock Parkour

Forspoken Parkour

Athia is a huge place, with four main regions and a host of wilderness besides. This isn’t a place you’ll be able to make progress through without some serious speed. 

Thankfully, early in Forspoken’s second chapter, Frey gains access to the Flow magic. This particular magic allows Frey to perform parkour moves, sprinting across the environment of Athia and dodging enemy attacks. 

Forspoken Parkour – Flow 

Once Flow has been unlocked, Frey’s movement capabilities grow exponentially. Activating Flow grants Frey a huge boost in movement speed, and she will automatically vault over obstacles and enemies while Flow is active. Flow runs off an energy meter, and once it drains, Frey will be temporarily unable to activate Flow again until the meter recharges. Thankfully, this only takes a few seconds, but it can still leave you vulnerable when up close with enemies. 

Additionally, momentarily activating Flow and moving will allow Frey to perform a dodge in combat, without using up too much of the Flow meter. 

Forspoken – Parkour Upgrades 

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There are two main upgrades to Forspoken’s parkour system. One is unlocked early in the game’s third chapter, while the other takes a while to gain access to. 


Leap allows Fray to effectively double-jump when climbing walls, leaping off and gaining extra high by pressing the jump button mid-climb. It can be found at the game’s first Font of Power, shortly after leaving Cipal for the first time in chapter 3. 


Shimmy allows Frey to boost her speed when hitting the ground. The spell is unlocked from a font in the Citadel area.  

Parkour FAQ 

When do you unlock parkour in Forspoken? 

Parkour is unlocked when Frey gains the Flow magic, partway through chapter 2. 

How to upgrade parkour in Forspoken? 

You can gain spells that augment your parkour from fonts of power.