Is Forspoken on PS4?

Is Forspoken on PS4?
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Forspoken, a magic parkour RPG entry from Luminous Productions and Square Enix, has finally been launched. Unfortunately, its arrival has been greeted with a host of mixed reactions from the community.

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The ambitious title from the Japanese gaming giants was mostly panned for its poor writing and repetitive details. Luckily, a large number of players will be able to form their own opinions on the game due to its availability on the PS5 and PC. But with some not having had the chance to upgrade their consoles yet, the question now becomes this: Is Forspoken on PS4?

Here’s all that we know about this game’s availability on Sony’s previous gen system.

Can Forspoken be played on the PS4?

No, Forspoken is not on the PS4 as its release was only announced for Windows and PS5 systems. The development team has mentioned that the main reason for this is because of what they tried to accomplish with their latest project. According to game director Takeshi Aramaki, the goals they were able to achieve with the engine, graphics, and gameplay would not be possible on older consoles.

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But even though its graphics are visually stunning especially when exploring the in-game world, the negative reactions from most critics have shown that aesthetics, no matter how beautiful, often aren’t enough to sway opinions.

The dialogue presented in the story, particularly from the protagonist, has frequently drawn the ire of the gaming community. Throughout multiple gameplay showcases, Frey can often be heard cussing and using crude language to describe how she feels. Most of the viewers felt that the scriptwriters were “trying too hard” to make it funny and that the lines felt like something out of a Marvel movie.

With the game only being available on a couple of platforms, it seems that most players also won’t be able to access the game no matter how much they want to.