Forspoken: How To Adjust Dialogue Frequency 

Forspoken: How To Adjust Dialogue Frequency 
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Frey and Cuff make for a chatty pair in Forspoken, and there’s rarely a moment that goes by without some form of quip or comment between the two. Whether you’d like to hear more or less of their conversations, Forspoken has you covered. The game will allow you to adjust the frequency of its character dialogue, and we’re here to show you how with our Forspoken guide. 

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Forspoken Dialogue Frequency Options 

Forspoken Dialogue Options

Forspoken features four optional dialogue settings. To find them, enter the settings menu and select Cuff Chat Frequency. From here, you will be able to choose from one of four options. 

  • Default 
  • High 
  • Low 
  • Minimal 

The default Cuff Chat Frequency option allows Frey and Cuff to frequently banter and bicker, responding to the world around them as they travel. The default option contains more frequent dialogue than you might be expecting, but is fine for players that enjoy fast-paced interaction. 

Adjusting the frequency to high means that your Forspoken experience will be a near non-stop conversation.  

Low still allows for plenty of interaction between Frey and Cuff, but you’re less likely to be reaching for the mute button at this more reasonable frequency. 

Minimal means that Frey and Cuff will only discuss plot-relevant information. Dialogue is only triggered when necessary to advance the plot. Choose this option if you’d like a quieter, more contemplative version of Forspoken to play through. 

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Dialogue Choices 

There are any number of reasons why you might want to adjust Forspoken’s dialogue frequency. Though Frey’s outsider perspective is a key component of the game’s story, players may find her grounded dialogue at odds with the game’s fantasy environs and wish to get more fully lost in Athia. Or the opposite may hold true, and players wishing to experience as much of Forspoken’s character dialogue as possible and change their settings to high.  

Our preferred dialogue frequency for Forspoken is Low. This option doesn’t fully break your immersion through constant dialogue but also keeps your travels through Athia from feeling too quiet and barren. 

The dialogue frequency option can be adjusted at any time in Forspoken’s menus, so feel free to experiment and find a setting that works best for your enjoyment of the game. 

Forspoken Dialogue Frequency FAQ 

How to adjust dialogue frequency? 

In the settings menu, choose cuff chat frequency and select your preferred option. 

What are the dialogue options in Forspoken? 

The four cuff chat frequency options are Default, High, Low, and Minimal.