Is Forspoken on Xbox?

Is Forspoken on Xbox?
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The release of Forspoken has finally answered plenty of questions that were revolving around the divisive Square Enix title. However, some inquiries regarding the magic parkour RPG still remain, such as its availability on a few specific platforms.

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Xbox players in particular are curious about the game’s inclusion on Microsoft’s popular gaming console. Luckily, we’re here to answer the question on whether or not Forspoken can be played on the Xbox. If this is an inquiry you’re curious about, then you’ll be able to find out all you’ll need below.

Can Forspoken be played on the Xbox?

No, Forspoken is not currently available on either the Xbox One or the Xbox Series X|S. This is mainly because the Square Enix title is a two-year timed console exclusive for the PlayStation, which most likely means that Xbox players will not be able to play this title until at least 2025.

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At the time of writing, those looking to play the open world fantasy RPG will only be able to do so on two systems: the PlayStation 5 and PC. Unfortunately, acquiring the former is still rather difficult due to market scarcity. The latter, though relatively more accessible, requires you to purchase a few high-end parts because of the game’s system requirements.

The Recommended specs for the game requires players to have a RTX 3070 and 24GB of Memory. These requirements are extremely surprising considering the amount of AAA games currently on the market that need less even when settings are set to their highest.

Forspoken’s Ultra system specs are even more shocking as it requires a RTX 4080, which was only recently released, and 32GB of memory. Both Recommended and Ultra also also require at least 150 GB of SSD space, which means it will take up a chunk of your storage.

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