FC 24 – How to finesse shot

FC 24 – How to finesse shot
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Trying to learn how to finesse shot in FC 24? Mastering all the different shot types is important this season, especially as scoring all types of goals provides you with rewards in FC 24 Ultimate Team. One of the objectives is to score finesse shots, so make sure you know what you are doing.

Find out how to score finesse shots in FC 24 below.

How to finesse shot in FC 24

Finesse shots have a certain reputation in FIFA games, with some loving them and others hating them. However, as we all know, FIFA is no more and the FC 24 era is upon us, meaning the future of finesse shots may prove to be a little more defined.

A finessed shot is effectively a curved effort, perfectly utilised when looking to bend the ball into the far corner, or simply caress it into the side netting. Thankfully, it’s an incredibly effective input that’s super simple to learn. 

To perform the finesse shot in FC 24, simply:

  • Xbox – Hold RT and shoot (B)
  • PlayStation – Hold R2 and shoot (Circle)

That’s all there is to it! 

The finesse shot is simple to learn but slightly more tricky to master, with the right amount of power required in order to make the most of this shot type. It’s always best to head into the practice pitch before taking to the real thing, giving you a chance to work out how the finesse shot can benefit your game. 

The finesse shot can be paired with other types of shots in the game as well, including chipped shots. Ultimately, the major benefit of the finesse shot is that it allows you to complete a more curved effort and find unique ways out of tricky offensive positions.

In order to get the best results, it’s recommended to use players that have a high curve rating in FC 24.