Dragon’s Dogma 2 Claw Them Into Shape quest walkthrough – where to find a recruit for Beren

Dragon’s Dogma 2 Claw Them Into Shape quest walkthrough – where to find a recruit for Beren
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The Dragon’s Dogma 2 Claw Them Into Shape quest will have you trekking all over the place helping Breren set up an academy to train new recruits. And if you’re having trouble with any part of the quest, this guide will take you through the entire thing step by step.

If you’re after some Dragon’s Dogma 2 tips and tricks, we’ve got you covered. And if you want to know more about the Dragon’s Dogma 2 character creation settings and Dragon’s Dogma 2 vocations, we’ve got guides for those too. With that, let’s get into the Dragon’s Dogma 2 Claw Them Into Shape quest, and how to help Beren out.

Dragon's Dogma 2 Claw Them Into Shape: The location of Beren's camp where he can be found at night.
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Dragon’s Dogma 2 Claw Them Into Shape walkthrough

Beren is a beastren that can be found in the training grounds at the Borderwatch Outpost. He’s too busy working during the day, so instead, this quest must be started at night. Follow the road from the Outpost west and then north across a stone bridge. Take the first right and follow the path to find Beren at the end. Check the above map for the precise location.

Alex’s Advice

Beren will always be at the Borderwatch Outpost during the day and at his camp at night. If you ever turn up at his camp when it’s light out, head just south over the river to find a campsite where you can wait until nightfall.

Once you find Beren, talk to him and he’ll complain that he’s looking for a motivated soldier to take on as a new recruit to train up and some decent weapons for his soldiers to use. He asks if you would be able to find both for him. Say you will to begin the quest.

Where to get swords for Beren

Finding swords for Beren is the simplest part of this quest, as all you need to do is provide him with any three swords of any quality. The easiest way to do this is to head to the Borderwatch Outpost and buy three from one of the merchants. However, we recommend buying them from Vernworth, and you’ll see why with the next step.

Dragon's Dogma 2 Claw Them Into Shape: The location where Humphrey the recruit can be found in Vernworth.
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Where to find a recruit for Beren

To find a recruit for Beren, head to Vernworth. Assuming you’re here, you’ll already have completed the In Dragon’s Wake and One-Eyed Interloper main quests. Head to the south of the city, near the Portcrystal, and a young man named Humphrey will approach you. Take a look at the map above for a more precise location.

Humphrey will say that he witnessed your fight with a cyclops and that he wants to become a warrior like you and needs instruction. Tell him about Beren, and he will say that if you’re vouching for him then he must be a good instructor, and will head off to join Beren’s academy.

While you’re here, we recommend buying the swords you need for Beren. Buying them here instead of making a separate trip to the Borderwatch Outpost kills two birds with one stone, and lets you complete this side quest much faster.

Dragon's Dogma 2 Claw Them Into Shape: Beren thanking you for bringing the swords and Humphrey to him.
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Duel with Beren

When you return to Beren, give him the swords. He’ll remark at how good a recruit Humphrey is, before telling you that he’s been inspired and wishes to spar with you. Agree and you’ll begin a fight at the Borderwatch Outpost. This fight is mandatory, but it doesn’t matter whether you win or lose, as the results don’t impact your rewards.

Your goal in this fight is to knock Beren out of the ring. He has a powerful attack that can fling you out in one hit, so if you’re trying to win, be careful. Use attacks to push him backwards, or try and stagger him before picking him up and throwing him out. If you deal too much damage, the fight will end and Beren will berate you.

Dragon's Dogma 2 Claw Them Into Shape: Beren talking to the recruits after their fight with the cyclops.
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Goblin attack

Once your fight with Beren is over, you’ll receive news that a horde of goblins have attacked at a nearby wooden bridge. You and Beren will make your way there, potentially fighting off a couple of groups of enemies along the way.

Once you reach there, you’ll find the soldiers safe, having fended off a cyclops attack. Beren will note that he’s glad that everyone is safe, but that as a beastren, he expects to be blamed for this and that he will be fired when he returns. That’s the end of the quest, but there’s still a bit more to do.

Beren’s Final Lesson

After you finish Claw Them Into Shape, wait for two days and return to the Moonglow Garden near where you first started the quest. Here you can begin the ‘Beren’s Final Lesson’ follow-up quest. Beren will be here with some of his pupils where he will bid farewell to you. Suddenly, a cyclops will attack the group.

The cyclops is full-health, unlike the one you faced in One-Eyed Interloper, but as you’re joined by Beren and his pupils, it isn’t too hard to defeat it. Once the cyclops is down, you’ll need to wait another day and then return to Beren at his tent near the Moonglow Garden. Use the nearby campfire to the south if you want to do this quickly.

Dragon's Dogma 2 Claw Them Into Shape: Fighting the cyclops that attacks near Beren's camp.
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Beren will thank you for all your help and reward you with the Lifetaker, a decently powerful greatsword, 4,500G, and 1,600 XP. He will say his goodbyes and tell you that he’s heading to the Checkpoint Rest Town on the border with Battahl, where you can find him again later on down the line.

If you do choose to seek him out later, he will thank you for everything you did for him. As a reward, you’ll receive a scroll to learn Arc of Might, the ultimate skill for the Warrior vocation.

That’s everything you need to know about the Dragon’s Dogma 2 Claw Them Into Shape quest. If you head to the Checkpoint Rest Town, be sure to check out more Dragon’s Dogma 2 quests like Prey for the Pack and Hunt for the Jadeite Orb.

Dragon’s Dogma 2 Claw Them Into Shape FAQs

Where is Beren in Dragon’s Dogma 2?

During the Claw Them Into Shape quest, Beren is found at the Borderwatch Outpost during the day, and at his camp to the west at night. After the quest, he can be found at the Checkpoint Rest Town.

Where is the recruit for Beren?

You can find a recruit for Beren near the Portcrystal in Vernworth once you’ve defeated the cyclops in One-Eyed Interloper.