Diablo 4 Spirit Boons – how to unlock and equip the best ones

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Want to learn more about Diablo 4 Season 2 Spirit Boons?

We’ve got you covered. Spirit Boons are passive effects specific to the Druid class in Diablo 4. These bonuses let you crank out some serious punishment on Sanctuary’s assortment of demons. Ranging from attack speed bonuses to magic enhancements, Spirit Boons are unlocked once you hit level 15, at which point you’ll spot green vials dropping from enemies occasionally. These are Druidic Spirit Offerings – make sure you grab them whenever they drop.

Spirit Boons aren’t the only tools at your disposal. There are several other ways to optimize your build to be as lethal as possible. If you’re looking to have a great time across Sanctuary’s dungeons, here’s a handy list of the Diablo 4 bosses, and how to get Renown fast. The latter is important now that Seasonal characters in the Seasonal Realm retain their renown progress. Check out all the details about Diablo 4 Season 3 as well.

What are Spirit Offerings in Diablo 4

Druidic Spirit Offerings are collectibles in Diablo 4 that are restricted to the Druid class. They are used to enable the versatile Druid’s class-based bonuses at Tur Dulra in the Scosglen region. As for how you can gain access to these bonuses, you’ll need to complete a quest that unlocks as you hit level 15.

This is just like the other class buffs that activate at level 15. Necromancers gain the Book of the Dead, Barbarians can gain expertise in weapons, Rogues can specialize, and Sorcerers gain enchantments.

Diablo 4 Spirit Boons: The player stood by a statue with the Spirit Boons menu open and the Swooping Attacks boon highlighted.

How to unlock Spirit Boons in Diablo 4

At level 15, you’ll gain access to the Spirits of the Lost Grove quest. This questline will task you with clearing Túr Dúlra, a Stronghold with enemies that are two levels higher than you. Stick to defensive tactics and you should be able to clear Túr Dúlra with ease. After clearing its objectives and taking on its boss, you’ll get to the quest itself.

Just follow the quest marker to Druid Ardreth and follow on through the quest chain. It’s fairly straightforward and once you’re done freeing the Spirit Lord’s trapped spirit, you’ll meet four spirits: Deer, Wolf, Snake, and Eagle. Each spirit grants four boons for 25 Druidic Spirit Offerings each, with the Snake being a fickle ally that hides its boons behind a 100 Druidic Spirit Offerings cost. You’ll need 400 Druidic Spirit Offerings in total to access all 16 boons.

While the Snake Spirit’s boons aid specific playstyles, the other three spirits offer boons that can slot into any build of your choice. Here are the boons that you can pick from:

Diablo 4 Spirit Boons: The player stood by a Deer Spirit with the Spirit Boons menu open and the Prickleskin boon highlighted.

Deer Spirit boons

The Deer Spirit’s boons are defensive in nature, letting you gain Spirit and Thorns while taking less damage from enemies.

  • Prickleskin: Gain 4 Thorns (scales with level).
  • Gift of the Stag: Gain 10 Maximum Spirit.
  • Wariness: Take 10% reduced damage from Elite enemies.
  • Advantageous Beast: Reduce the duration of control impairing effects by 15%.
Diablo 4 Spirit Boons: The player stood by a Wolf Spirit with the Spirit Boons menu open and the Energize boon highlighted.

Wolf Spirit boons

The Wolf Spirit offers boons that are utility-based. These range from the possibility of resetting or reducing cooldowns to restoring Spirit with attacks.

  • Packleader: Lucky Hit condition. Critical Strikes now have a 20% chance to reset Companion skill cooldowns.
  • Energize: Lucky Hit condition. Dealing damage has up to a 15% chance of restoring 10 Spirit.
  • Bolster: Fortify for 10% of your Maximum Life when you use a Defensive skill. Fortified characters take 10% less damage when they have more Fortify than current Life.
  • Calamity: Extend the duration of Ultimate Skills by 25%.
Diablo 4 Spirit Boons: The player stood by a Snake Spirit with the Spirit Boons menu open and the Masochistic boon highlighted.

Snake Spirit boons

From a guaranteed overpower for Earth skills to a static discharge chance for Lightning skills, the Snake Spirit offers boons that benefit specific builds.

  • Obsidian Slam: Every 20th kill will cause your next Earth Skill to Overpower. (Overpowered attacks deal bonus damage based on your Life and Fortify.)
  • Overload: Lucky Hit condition. Dealing Lightning damage has up to a 20% chance to cause the target to emit a static discharge, dealing 20% x [Damage] Lightning damage to enemies.
  • Masochistic: Critical Strikes with Shapeshifting Skills heal you for 3% of your Maximum Life.
  • Calm Before the Storm: Lucky Hit condition. Nature Magic skills have up to a 10% chance to reduce Ultimate Skill cooldown by 2 seconds.
Diablo 4 Spirit Boons: The player stood by a Eagle Spirit with the Spirit Boons menu open and the Avian Wrath boon highlighted.

Eagle Spirit boons

Built around attack bonuses, the Eagle Spirit makes any Druid more lethal in combat. It also offers bonus Life to protect you from Sanctuary’s many foes.

  • Scythe Talons: Gain 5% increased Critical Strike Chance.
  • Iron Feather: Gain 10% extra Maximum Life.
  • Swooping Attacks: Gain 10% bonus Attack Speed.
  • Avian Wrath: Gain 30% more Critical Strike Damage.

Best Druid Animal Spirit to bond with in Diablo 4

We think that the best Spirit is the Snake Spirit. The most powerful Druid builds typically make heavy use of Shapeshifting and of Ultimate Abilities, both of which are buffed by the Snake Spirit. With enough Critical Strike and Lucky Hit chance, the sustain provided from Masochistic’s health regeneration and the Ultimate Skill cooldown from Calm Before the Storm can turn your Druid into a beastly machine.

If you’re choosing not to go with a Shapeshifting-focused build, our recommendation would be the Eagle Spirit. With the right skills and a Critical Strike-centred build, Scythe Talons and Avian Wrath can very easily provide you with some insanely high damage.

There is no ‘best’ Spirit, as each one offers pros and cons, and depending upon your playstyle, one of the ‘weaker’ Spirits could turn out to be incredibly powerful for you. Regardless, there are a couple of Spirits that we think are simply better for the majority of cases, especially when your build plays to their strengths.

How to bond with a Spirit and switch Spirit Boons in Diablo 4

While each Druidic Spirit offers four boons, you can only pick one from each of them. Once you’ve acquired 400 Druidic Spirit offerings and have maxed out your offerings to all four spirits, Diablo 4 Season 1 gives you the ability to bond with one of them. Bonding with a spirit lets you pick an additional boon from that particular spirit, letting you access five boons at a time.

That covers spirit boons in Diablo 4. Spirit animals are great at lowering the cooldowns of your companion skills or the cooldown of your ultimate skill. For more tips on scaling the peaks and depths of Blizzard’s latest dungeon crawler, check out how to get more healing potions and all Diablo 4 Fractured Peaks dungeons. Spirit boons greatly enhance the versatility of the Druid class and getting them right at level 15 lets you amp up your Druid’s capabilities. These also tie into our Diablo 4 Season 3 build tier list for the Druid class. Season of the Construct will be out soon on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X.

Diablo 4 spirit boons FAQ

How many spirits offer spirit boons in Diablo 4?

There are four spirits that offer Spirit Boons in Diablo 4: Deer, Wolf, Snake, and Eagle.

What is the location for spirit boons in Diablo 4?

Túr Dulra, a Stronghold in Scosglen, is where you can change your spirit boons.

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