Is Dead Island 2 co-op?

Is Dead Island 2 co-op?
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Is Dead Island 2 co-op? The zombie-slaying romp has caught the attention of a lot of people after being in development hell for nearly a decade. For anyone who played the first game, they likely think back fondly to the murderous, tropical adventure they had with friends.

Does the sequel carry over that cooperative play style? In this guide, we’ll break down everything we know about Dead Island 2 co-op. For more on the game, check out our guides to the Dead Island 2 map size, Dead Island 2 characters, and Dead Island 2 zombies.

Does Dead Island 2 have a co-op mode?

Dead Island 2 does indeed feature co-op play. Up to three people can play at the same time, which is down one person from the previous title. We have not seen any concrete information for why co-op has been slightly pulled back a little, but combine this with the fact that Dead Island 2 crossplay isn’t available, and the multiplayer aspects of this game are a little underwhelming.

How to play Dead Island 2 co-op

To play Dead Island 2 co-op, all players need to play beyond the game’s tutorial, which lasts until you are let loose into Bel Air after visiting Emma Jaunt’s mansion for the first time. From there, the host needs to go in their settings menu and change the game type to either invite only or friends only. You can also choose public lobby, but this will let all and any players join your sessions. From there, invite your co-op pals via your platforms invite system, be it PlayStation, Xbox, or the Epic Games Store. Once they’ve accepted, you’ll join up in game.

Does Dead Island 2 co-op progress carry over?

Yes, Dead Island 2 co-op progress does carry over, but some limitations. To play in co-op, you need to have reached at least the same quest as the host, otherwise you’ll need to host the game yourself or start a new save. As long as you meet this criteria, any progress – quests, weapons, experience, and loot – carries over to single-player or future co-op sessions.

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