Is there Dead Island 2 crossplay?

Is there Dead Island 2 crossplay?
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Is there Dead Island 2 crossplay?

Part of what drew so many players to Dead Island and cemented it as a cult classic was the ability to jump in and slay zombies alongside friends. With Dead Island 2 releasing on some many platforms, including PC along with current-gen and last-gen consoles, there are naturally questions around whether you can play with friends on a different system to your own.

Here’s everything you need to know about Dead Island 2 corssplay. You can also brush up on the Dead Island 2 characters and Dead Island 2 map size.

Is Dead Island 2 crossplay?

Unfortunately, Dead Island 2 does not support crossplay between platforms. Players won’t be able to link up with friends on other platforms. When directly asked about the possibility of playing the game with the feature, the Dead Island 2 official Twitter account responded with a direct and simple answer that the feature is not available.

Obviously, this is quite disappointing news for anyone who wants to play on a certain platform while their friends are on another. As stated above, crossplay has become a standard for online multiplayer games, but if we were to guess, we would say Dead Island 2’s long and bumpy development had a big hand in this outcome.

When the game was originally announced in 2014, crossplay was exceedingly rare. In the years since, the game has switched developers and restarted development a long time ago. It’s mere speculation, but that seems like a suitable area to look at for why the feature isn’t here.

Of course, there is always potential for crossplay to be worked into Dead Island 2 in the future. Other games have found ways to get the feature working post-launch, so there is hope it could happen here. Unfortunately, without any official announcement, we are merely using hopeful thinking.

If you are still looking forward to playing Dead Island 2, there is plenty to like. In our final preview of the game, we compared it to a revitalization of the original game rather than a reinvention. Otherwise, check out the full Dead Island 2 quests list, Dead Island 2 zombies list, and learn how Dead Island 2 fast travel works so you can get around Hell-A quicker.