Dead Island 2 fast travel explained

Dead Island 2 fast travel explained
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Want to know if there is a Dead Island 2 fast travel mechanic in the game? You can sink tens of hours into this chaotic zombie slaying bonanza and still not have unlocked the fast travel mechanic, because it doesn’t arrive until a surprisingly long way into the game. But we have good news:

You unlock fast travel in Dead Island 2 once you reach the Blue Crab Boys in Venice Beach, which is approximately halfway through the main story. You can use our guide to the Dead Island 2 quests and how long Dead Island 2 is to find out how close you are to unlocking fast travel, but for all the details on how to fast travel around the Dead Island 2 map, keep reading.

How to fast travel in Dead Island 2

Dead Island 2 fast travel: The icon on on the in-game map showing where you can fast travel from.

You must make it to the Blue Crab Boys in Venice Beach before you can fast travel, which is during the mission ‘The Red Mist’. After this point, in order to fast travel, you need to use the stylised maps of LA you can find in most safe houses.

This will allow you to scroll through a list of all 10 regions in LA and select the specific safe zone to fast travel to, if a region has multiple. This is especially handy for travelling between regions that are separated by the sewers and the metro, as these are long, linear paths that would be a pain to backtrack through.

Dead Island 2 fast travel locations

Dead Island 2 fast travel: The fast travel map in-game.

Here are all of the fast travel locations in Dead Island 2:

  • Beverly Hills – Roxanne’s House
  • Halperin Hotel – Janitor’s Office
  • Bel-Air – Emma’s Mansion
  • Monarch Studios – Green Screen
  • Hollywood Boulevard – Re-Aging Clinic
  • The Metro – Utility Storage
  • The Pier – Lifeguard HQ
  • Venice Beach – Blue Crab Grill
  • Venice Beach – The Tower
  • Ocean Avenue – Serling Hotel
  • Brentwood Sewer – Maintenance Room
  • Brentwood Sewer – ZFZ near Patton’s

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