How to open maglocks in Dead Island 2

How to open maglocks in Dead Island 2
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Want to know how to open maglocks in Dead Island 2? Dead Islands 2 isn’t short on locks, keycards, and other security measures designed to test the skills of even the most resolute slayers. These block access to new areas and valuable loot.

Among them, maglocks are possibly the most puzzling in Dead Island 2, especially in the early game. That’s because the game doesn’t explain how to open doors and gates equipped with these beefed up locks until much later on, whereas you can find loot such as the Coach’s Car Keys by killing designated enemies, or once you know how to get fuses in Dead Island 2, you can access much better loot. This is what you need to know to unlock Dead Island 2 maglocks.

Dead Island 2 maglocks explained

To open Dead Island 2 maglocks, you’ll need to destroy a set of electrical boxes connected to the lock by cables. You can find the boxes by following the path of the cabling starting from the locked door. 

You’ll likely come across your first maglock when visiting the Halperin Hotel for the first time, so let’s take this one as an example. If you haven’t found it yet, it’s located on the door of a small security hut just up from the entrance to the underground car park.

Face the door, look up and you’ll spot two thick bands of cables, one green and one blue. The green cable hugs the top of the hut and continues round to the right. Follow the cabling until it runs into an electrical box with a glass front panel. Pull out a weapon and smash the box to destroy it.

Dead Island 2 maglock cables running into electrical box.

The band of blue cables runs into the building itself. Go to the back of the hut and look through the window there. You’ll see the blue cables running into another electrical box to the left of the door. Smash the window. Equip a weapon, aim at the box, then throw the weapon (or use a gun if you’ve unlocked guns and returned to this area) to destroy the box. Destroying both Dead Island 2 maglock electrical boxes unlocks the door, allowing you to reach the loot inside. Each maglock has a slightly different arrangement and number of electrical boxes, but the solution is always the same – follow the cables and destroy the electrical boxes. 

Now you know how to open Dead Island 2 maglocks, make sure you’re fully caught up with the best Dead Island 2 skills to unlock as you progress through Hell-A, and check out our guide titled how long is Dead Island 2 to get a sense of how much further through all the Dead Island 2 quests you have to go.