Dead Island 2 map size and regions

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The Dead Island 2 map size and regions is a topic many players are gravitating towards as they try and get a sense of what type of world they’ll be exploring in the long-awaited sequel. Video games are constantly getting bigger these days, so there is a section of players that want to know how much ground they have to cover when they get into a new game.

With that in mind, here is the Dead Island 2 map size and regions. If you’re planning to hop in and explore Hell-A with friends, check out our guide to Dead Island 2 co-op and for more on the actors lending their voices to bring the game’s slayers and NPC to life, check out our Dead Island 2 cast guide.

Is Dead Island 2 open world?

While the first Dead Island could be described as open world for the most part, Dead Island 2 is best described as semi-open world. Hell-A is broken up into neighborhoods that players are free to explore. These areas are closed off, although you can freely walk around them. There are spots that will house collectibles and bigger enemies to prevent you from accessing everything right off the bat. Because of this scaled-down approach to the game, we wouldn’t really call it an open world title.

If you are looking for a gigantic world that is on par with something like The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, you will not find that here. The first Dead Island was also considered more open world than this, but that game also suffered from spots that were a little underwhelming by how empty they were. With Dead Island 2, this won’t be the case.

Dead Island 2 region names

There are a total of 10 named regions on the Dead Island 2 map:

  • Bel-Air
  • Bevelry Hills
  • Brentwood Sewer
  • Halperin Hotel
  • Hollywood Boulevard
  • Monarch Studios
  • Ocean Avenue
  • The Metro
  • The Pier
  • Venice Beach

These locations can be explored during the day or nighttime and are noticeably different from each other. Before jumping into these areas, look into our review for Dead Island 2 to see how we felt about this sunny location. Otherwise, read up on Dead Island 2 system requirements, Dead Island 2 multiplayer, and whether Dead Island 2 is heading to Game Pass along with PC and consoles.

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