How long is Dead Island 2 – length and time to beat

How long is Dead Island 2 – length and time to beat
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How long is Dead Island 2? Though we’ve had to wait over a decade for a sequel, Dead Island 2 is finally here, offering a gory descent into zombie-infested Hell-A. Packed with side quests, a main story, tricky environmental puzzles, named zombie mini bosses to kill, and a glut of locks to open, there’s plenty for players to sink their teeth into.

After running through the entire Dead Island 2 length ourselves, we’ll break down everything there is to know about how long is Dead Island 2 in this guide, including if you just blitz through the story or if you want to tackle every side quest. If you’re jumping in and need a helping hand, check out the best Dead Island 2 slayer to start your adventure the best Dead Island 2 skills to equip.

What is the Dead Island 2 story length?

The Dead Island 2 story will take the average player between 12 and 14 hours to complete. It’s on the shorter side compared to many modern games with stories often pushing past the 30 hour mark. It takes players on a tour of Hell-A’s most scenic neighbourhoods now crawling with hordes of ravenous zombies as they vie to make it out alive, and if you’re wondering exactly how far from the end you are, have a read of our Dead Island 2 quests guide which lists each and every one.

Your mileage may vary depending on how accustomed you are to action games, and with no adjustable difficulty level, we could see game time burst past 14 hours for some players, but it shouldn’t climb any higher than 16-18 hours at most.

Dead Island 2 completionist length

To attain 100% completion in Dead Island 2, players can expect to pour 30-40 hours into the game. Reaching 100% in the game involves finishing up the main story, completing every side quest and Lost and Found quest, finding the keys for every lock, and ticking off all the zombie-killing challenges.

Again, your mileage may vary depending on your playstyle, your experience with these types of games, and how meticulous you are about exploring every inch of the Dead Island 2 map. But, overall, we don’t expect even the most dedicated players to pour more than 50 hours into Dead Island 2.

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