Apex Legends Halloween event cost and pricing explained

Apex Legends Halloween event cost and pricing explained
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Wondering about the Apex Legends Halloween event costs? While Respawn Entertainment’s battle royale is free-to-play, there are some pay-to-unlock options available, especially when it comes to skins and cosmetics.

If you’ve been planning to check out the Doppelganger collection event, but don’t want to grind for the Apex Legends Halloween rewards, we’ve got all the information you need on the Apex Legends Halloween event costs here, and how much you might be looking at spending if you want to buy your way to the best fashion in Apex.

Apex Legends Halloween event cost and pricing explained:  The event packet rewards screen, with currencies highlighted.

Does the Apex Legends Halloween event cost money?

No. The Apex Legends Doppelganger Halloween collection event is free to play for all players, just like previous events. You also don’t have to spend a penny if you don’t want to. All the skins and rewards can be unlocked for free by completing challenges and matches. However, it will require quite a lot of grinding to get them all, as you’ll need to pick up 24 Doppelganger packs. Keep in mind that you can’t get copies of cosmetics you’ve already unlocked from a pack.

If you prefer, you can buy all these packs, saving yourself quite a lot of time at the cost of quite a lot of money.

Did you know?

You can gift Doppelganger packs and other event packs to friends, and they can gift packs back to you.

Apex Legends Halloween event cost and pricing explained: The Apex Coins purchase menu.

How much does it cost to unlock all rewards in the Apex Legends Doppelganger collection event?

To Purchase all skins, you’ll need to buy them directly or buy 24 Doppelganger packs. For each skin, you’ll need to spend 800 Crafting Materials for Epic skins or 2400 Crafting Materials for Legendary, totalling 38,400. You can alternatively buy them individually for 1000 Apex Coins per Epic skin, or 1800 Apex Coins per Legendary skin. For the Doppelganger packs, you’ll need to spend 16,800 Apex Coins, so unless you’re sitting on a mountain of Crafting Materials, we’d strongly recommend you buy the Doppelganger Event Packs, unless you’re missing only a handful of particular skins.

Crafting Materials can’t be bought, so if you want these skins, using Apex Coins to purchase the packs is your only real option. The costs amount to the following.

  • For one Epic Skin, 1000 Apex Coins are £8.99/$10.99.
  • For one Legendary skin, 2150 Apex Coins (the closest bulk purchase amount) are £17.99/$21.98
  • For one Doppelganger pack, 1000 Apex Coins (the closest to the 700/pack price) are £8.99/10.99
  • For 24 Doppelganger packs, 11,500 + 4350+2150 Apex Coins (the closest combined bulk purchases) are £141.97/$173.49

It’s up to you whether those skins are worth it.

That covers the Apex Legends Halloween event costs. Luckily, it’s really just cosmetics which get this pay-to-unlock treatment. If you want to try out the best guns in Apex or even the best Legends, you won’t need to spend a penny, and can unlock them through playing the game instead.