Apex Legends introduces Revenant in a frighteningly good trailer

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Respawn dropped a new trailer for Season 4 of Apex Legends, and it’s our first look at the nightmarish robo-assassin, Revenant (via Forbes).

Season 4, titled ‘Assimilation’, begins on February 4. Respawn has upped the ante for the run-up to this season, revealing that the next hero to enter Kings Canyon would be the “confident yet humble” fighter, Forge. He would have been the first sponsored competitor to jump into the Apex Games, using his “heavy-duty Shatter Gauntlets” made by tech corp Hammond Robotics to get up close and personal with combatants. If you sense there’s something a little off with the tenses in this paragraph, you’re absolutely right. 

In an animated short, a shadowy, skeletal figure leaps out and murders Forge. Like, murders him. Like, Forge’s headshot on the official Apex Legends website was greyed out and said, “RIP JIMMIE ‘FORGE’ MCCORMICK. Never defeated (except for that one time).” Now, in this new trailer, we’ve gotten our first proper look at the assassin after numerous leaks and sneak peeks. Check it out below:

Legendary. Seriously legendary. That trailer looked so good, and I’d happily sit down to watch a feature-length film set in the Apex Legends universe. Revenant has more issues than Vogue, it seems, and he’s out for revenge for what Hammond Robotics did to him. The trailer also confirms that the new character is a Simulacrum: people who had their consciousness transferred to a robotic body upon death, featured in Titanfall. Apex Legends borrows from Titanfall a lot, and we might get insight to both worlds through Revenant’s introduction. EA affirmed that Apex Legends is its priority, and games like Battlefield and Titanfall have been shelved for the time being. “Good or evil is up to you,” reads the official description for Assimilation. “Embrace the legend you were meant to be.” Goosebumps. Season 4 kicks off on February 4, so we’ll wait and see what Respawn has in store. 

Apex Legends is out now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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