Will the Sony A95K drop in price?

Will the Sony A95K drop in price?
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If you’re hoping to find out if the Sony A95K will drop in price then you’ve come to the right place.

The start of 2023 was an exciting time for TV enthusiasts who were gifted announcements of the LG C3, G3 and M3. There’s also talks of a Samsung S95C, which looks to be another addition to this year’s TV launches. In light of that, will the price of the Sony A95K drop at all?

We’re going to be covering the latest news here to find out if the price will change at all this year, while also thinking about whether or not Sony plan to release a successor to the TV.

Will there be deals on the Sony A95K?

Currently the Sony A95K is seeing some decent deals via Amazon. We’ve listed them below:

More Deals Coming Soon!

The 55-inch model comes with a HT-G700 Soundbar and Subwoofer, which is an extremely attractive deal.

Will the Sony A95K drop in price any more?

As we saw at this year’s CES 2023, Sony have decided not to launch any new TVs at the convention. Of course, though, this doesn’t mean they don’t still plan to launch any TVs this year. It just means they’re being quiet about it.

That isn’t necessarily a bad thing – in fact, it’s drumming up quite a bit of excitement for us. However, it doesn’t really help us answer if the A95K will drop in price this year. Our prediction is that it will drop in price more, though this is really dependent on if Sony release any more TVs this year.

A successor to the A95K would hopefully bring the its price down as Sony make room for their new product, though until they confirm a release we’re really not going to be able to say.

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Your best bet for now is to snap up any deals that you’ve seen already, or to save your pennies until the next deals event from one of the big retailers.

Amazon are often putting up products on sale, as are Best Buy who regularly hold deals events. We’d highly recommend you taking a look at their sites to find the latest deals on the Sony A95K.

Is the Sony A95K worth buying if the price drops?

The Sony A95K is one of the best QD-OLED TVs that you can buy right now – in fact, it’s so good that it features on our best TVs for PS5 and Xbox Series X.

QD-OLED (Quantum Dot – Organic Light Emitting Diode) is a type of display standard that allows for incredibly high contrast colors and really vibrant imagery. The A95K is definitely one of the best TVs for gaming, and we’re going to keeping an eye out for the best deals on it.

We’d say that the A95K is definitely worth buying at the current MSRP, so it’s definitely worth buying if the price drops.

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We’re going to be updating this page regularly if we see any updates on the Sony A95K’s price dropping. Until we have something for you, you might be interested in reading about the LG C3’s expected specs. We expect the LG C3 to rival the A95K, and when it releases you could have a really tough decision on your hands. Until then, keep checking back in with us for the latest updates.