Does LG C2 need a soundbar?

Does LG C2 need a soundbar?
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So does the fantastic LG C2 need a soundbar, or is it perfect right out of the box?

It’s no secret that the LG C2 is a wildly popular TV, equipped with UHD 4K OLED, a refresh rate of 120Hz and HDMI 2.1. These premium specs makes it a highly versatile TV, ideal both for home entertainment and gaming scenarios.

The LG C2 is fitted with 2.2 40W speakers with Dolby Audio, meaning your TV can output 3D audio, overall providing a richer sound. It has Dolby Digital Plus, providing up to 7.1 surround sound, whilst supporting the metadata required for Dolby Atmos.

The LG C2 also includes AI Sound Pro which adds dimension to the audio whilst making the dialogue you hear clearer.

LG does boast some special features that boost the sound, however according to some reviews (and as expected from a slim profiled TV) the audio quality of LG C2 can lack the power and deep bass of a TV with larger speakers.

Specs aside, we think that the LG C2 offers surprisingly decent sound quality when you consider its downward-firing speakers and compare it to other popular TVs – but is that enough for you?

Should I get a soundbar for LG C2?

We think the LG C2 should provide good enough audio for most people without a soundbar, but we’d always recommend going for one if you’re looking to get the most out of your viewing and audio experience.

With a soundbar, you can achieve surround sound with the help of a rear speaker, plus achieve a genuinely low-frequency response with a subwoofer. This takes movie and gaming sessions to a whole new level…

You can check out the best soundbars for your TV here, and we’d highly recommend looking at the Sonos Arc and Creative Stage V2 – both of which deliver the goods and should look stunning alongside your LG C2!