LG C3 TV expected specs – what could we see this time?

LG C3 TV expected specs – what could we see this time?
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Now that the screens have been officially unveiled we can jump into the expected specs for the LG C3 TV.

With CES fully underway LG has been revealing all its latest breakthroughs in OLED technology, including a host of new TVs, including the LG C3, the follow-up to the hugely popular LG C2.

So what do we know so far? Well, LG has revealed the improvements we will see include increased perceived brightness and a changed UI. As well as this, the TV will have four full-spec HDMI 2.1 ports that come with ALLM, one of which will also be compliant with eARC. It will also of course be a fully OLED and 4K screen just like its predecessor.

But aside from that. LG is keeping its cards close to its chest.

We can say with close certainty that the refresh rate will be at least 120Hz, the same as the C2, and we think it’s fairly unlikely that they would go higher than this.

In terms of what to expect with sizing, only 55-inch and 65-inch variants have been shown and demonstrated at CES this year. However, based on the launch patterns of the LG C2 and LG C1, we can speculate that there will also be 77-inch, 83-inch, and 48-inch variants by the time it comes to launch day, though this is unconfirmed.

A closer look at what’s new

A lot of the changes the LG C3 has revolves around its brand new Alpha a9 Gen 6 processor, which offers improvements over the already impressive features of a9 Gen 5 cards.

It’s thanks to this new processor the LG C3 will have increased perceived brightness. This means that, while there hasn’t been a change to the actual backlighting, the screen will appear brighter thanks to intelligent optimisation. LG explained that the Gen 6 allows the TV to calculate what is foreground and background in an image. The TV then focuses its energy on increasing brightness in the places your eyes are looking.

There’s also a brand new picture mode that builds a custom profile of your image preferences without the hassle of fiddling with settings. It does this by asking you to compare images with different picture settings, asking what you prefer. From there it generates settings that should be pleasing to your eye.

On top of that, there are some tweaks to the UI including a new Quick Cards section that allows you to access your top apps in certain categories such as gaming, sport, and film, in a more efficient manner. There will also be with Source-Based Tone Mapping as well as Quick Media Switching VRR , thanks to the C3’s HDMI 2.1 compatibility.

Overall, the improvements made are all sensible and make for a better TV, though people might question whether these changes are too subtle to make it worth the upgrade, especially if you already have an LG C2 or C1. We can’t know for sure until the price is revealed.