LG C3 TV release date speculation – when could it be heading our way?

LG C3 TV release date speculation – when could it be heading our way?
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With CES 2023 fully underway, we’ve got more information than ever to help us speculate the LG C3’s release date.

CES, the most important tech expo of the year, is underway, with a schedule packed full of companies revealing their latest products and innovations. LG has been getting in on the action revealing their latest breakthrough in OLED screen technology, amongst other things. This includes confirmation of what many of us had hoped for – a follow-up to the hugely popular LG C2.

While we do know much more about the LG C3 than we did before, as usual, LG has not revealed everything at CES this year. What this means is that we have a good sense of the LG C3’s expected specs, but can only make predictions about its price. Crucially we also don’t have its confirmed release date.

Fear not, however, because we can look at past LG screen release patterns to get a sense of when we can expect the LG C3, though this will be speculation. Using these patterns, we speculate that the LG C3 will be released in April of this year. Let’s explain how we got to that date.

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In fact, by not giving us any information on the C3’s release, LG has actually helped us speculate when it will be. This is because they did the exact same thing when announcing the LG C2 at last year’s CES, and the LG C1 the year before that. Both those screens were announced in January without a price or release date being revealed, and both then came out in April of the same year.

Because of this, that is when we reckon the LG C3 will be released, though this is, of course, unconfirmed and therefore just speculation.

Opinion – Will it be worth the wait?

The LG C3 is following in big footsteps. Its predecessor the LG C2 was incredibly well-reviewed, as well as popular with the public. This was thanks to it being one of the most affordable hi-spec, OLED TV available. From what we’ve seen there is no reason that the LG C3 won’t fill the same position in the market, though we will have to wait for a confirmed price to know for sure.

There have been several improvements made over the C2, most of which is down to its new Alpha a9 Gen 6 processor. This chip allows the screen to analyse images and increase brightness in areas the eye is looking at. This makes the image seem brighter without actually increasing the overall brightness produced.

Elsewhere there is an improved UI and some new features like picture mode, which asks you to compare several images to build a profile of image settings that are designed around your preferences.

While these are sensible improvements they rather feel like tweaks and subtle changes rather than anything monumental. It is perhaps a testament to just how good the LG C2 was that the company has struggled to improve it much.

Overall we think that the LG C3 is shaping up to be one of the best TVs released this year, though anyone who already has the LG C2, or even the LG C1 will likely not be convinced that they should make the upgrade.