Does PS5 support 8K gaming?

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The question on everybody’s lips is whether 8K TVs are ready for gaming, or if users after a stunning gaming experience are better off opting for 4K whilst PS5 and other next-gen consoles play catchup. 

The first 8K 60fps game launched last year, making us one step closer towards experiencing a native 8K experience for gaming.

It’s only been in the last few years that 8K TVs became more readily available at prices close to ultra high end 4K TVs., though they’re still ridiculously expensive and reserved for those with deep – no, endless – pockets. This might be enough to tempt hardcore tech nuts itching to experience a whole new reality in 8K whether that’s for gaming or watching films and TV.

What is 8K?

With a monstrous 16 times more pixels of HD and four times the pixels of 4K, 8K TV major manufacturers such as LG, Sony, Samsung and Hisense all have readily available models to buy with the capabilities of upgrading 4K content to 8K thanks to AI upscaling technology. And the difference is stark – there’s no doubting that. 

What GPUs support 8K gaming?

However, our concern for those after an 8K gaming experience is that only a select number of games currently support it, not to mention you’ll need at least the RTX 3090 which is the first GPU designed for 8K gaming. Though of course if your pockets are deep enough, you’ll be wanting Nvidia’s flagship RTX 4090.

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Even then though, the RTX 4090 and RTX 3090 will only support 8K at 60Hz, meaning competitive gamers needing a higher FPS will want to stick to 4K for now. That being said, competitive gamers are unlikely to even consider 8K for their needs.

Each time it seems we’re getting closer to gaming in 8K, there comes a caveat of complications, leading us to wonder whether the best way to enjoy your next-gen console is in 4K running at 120Hz.

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Can the PS5 output 8K?

The short answer is that the PS5 can’t output to 8K at the moment. This means that there are no 8K games, nor will there be.

The Xbox Series X on the other hand, might be ready for 8K at some point. It’s capable of displaying 8K video, but gaming will certainly be an entirely different story.

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Is it worth getting an 8K for PS5?

At the moment, we don’t think that getting an 8K for gaming on PS5 is worth it. This is due to the technical bottleneck on the PS5’s graphical end, which simply can’t render 8K. That’s not a criticism though – the technology simply isn’t there at the moment.

For now, gamers will have to suffer disgustingly beautiful 4K gaming at 120Hz. Sounds rough, right?

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What PS5 games can run in 8K resolution?

There is currently only one game ‘ready’ for 8K on the PS5: The Touryst.

The caveat is that though that game claims to display 8K – this is only through down-sampling. Essentially, the game renders out 4K resolution whilst down-sampling each pixel in order to give off the impression of 8K.

We’re yet to see a game run on the PS5 in native 8K resolution – though this is hardly a surprise, so while the is kind of running at 8K, it’s also really not.

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8K on PS5 FAQs

Can the PS5 run at 8K?

No, the PS5 can’t natively display 8K resolution visuals due to current software stipulations, though one game can currently simulate 8K through down-sampling.

Will the PS5 be capable of 8K in the future?

Hopefully, when technology has advanced further and game / visual rendering is more efficient, we might see 8K games finally running on the PS5.

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