Jedi Survivor graphics modes on PS5

Jedi Survivor graphics modes on PS5
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For those wondering what graphics modes Jedi Survivor will have on PS5, you’ve come to the right place.

Jedi Survivor is the latest offering in the long and illustrious Star Wars franchise. In this iteration, expect planets, enemies, and even new combat styles. While it seems that, at least for now, Jedi Survivor will only be available on next gen consoles (PS5 and Xbox X|S) and PC, for those lucky ones that meet the PC system requirements, they want to know what sort of graphics modes they can expect.

Let’s get into it.

Does Jedi Survivor have a performance mode on PS5?

Jedi Survivor game settings showing Performance Mode switched on

Jedi Survivor has both quality and performance options in both PS5 and Xbox Series X. Like its predecessor, Performance mode will target 60 fps at 1440p, while the ‘Quality mode’ will lock the fps at 30FPS to allow for full 4K resolution. In other words:

  • Quality / Fidelity’ Mode: 30 FPS (locked) @ 4K
  • Performance Mode: 60 FPS (targeted) @ less than 4K

It is important to note that in-game, you only have the option to turn Performance mode on and off, and there is no label for a ‘Quality mode.’ Of course though, that doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist.

However, these options will only be available to Xbox Series X and PS5 players, not Xbox Series S.

Should you use performance mode in Jedi Survivor?

Whether or not you choose to use Performance Mode or Quality Mode will first depend on the Day One patch, and your own preference.

We’re expecting the Day One patch to fix the buggy Performance Mode that has meant FPS is dropping below the promised 60FPS. In the meantime, you can try using Performance Mode, though we recommend switching between the Performance and Regular modes which seems to help some users.

Once this issue is fixed, your choice should come down to personal preference. If silky smooth gameplay is high on your priorities list, then definitely use Performance Mode in Jedi Survivor. Given it’s a game that involves fast reaction times for its heavy combat moments, 60FPS is what you want.

Perhaps if you’re super keen on enjoying the graphics of Jedi Survivor, then Quality Mode might be better for you. Your framerate will drop to 30FPS at 4K, but this might be worth it, especially if you’ve just got yourself a mega ultrawide monitor from our cheeky selection of the best monitors for Jedi Survivor.

Frequently Asked Questions

Ahead of such a hotly anticipated release we know many gamers have questions they want answers to. We’ve done our best to answer some of your most pressing queries here.

What framerate does Jedi Survivor performance mode run at?

Jedi Survivor’s performance mode runs at 60FPS at 1440p resolution, whereas the other mode runs at 30FPS at 4K.

What does Performance Mode mean in PS5 games?

Typically if a game has a Performance Mode On/Off option, when Performance mode is enabled the game will place higher priority in rendering high frame rates over high resolutions. This can allow for faster response time which some gamers, particularly those that favour fps games, value.