Star Wars Jedi Survivor gets two new combat styles including lightsaber and blaster combos

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EA and Respawn have offered up some new details on upcoming action adventure sequel Star Wars Jedi Survivor, including two new combat stances for playable hero Cal Kestis.

As the follow up to the excellent previous game (check out our Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order review), our hero will be showcasing some new moves in the follow up, and Respawn Entertainment has detailed that Kestis’ combat repertoire has been expanded with the addition of two new combat stances, as well as a true ability to duel wield weapons in combat.

You’ll start off with three combat stances; namely the ones earned from the previous game rather than having Cal suffer some of amnesiac episode where he loses his powers. So right from the off you’ll be able to use the Single and Double Bladed lightsabers, and even dual wielding lightsabers.

However, the latter has been improved considerably for the sequel, with the PlayStation Blog revealing that you’ll also be able to dual wield a lightsaber and a Blaster in each hand – allowing for quick and frenetic combat as you deflect shots with one hand and blast enemies with what’s in the other.

It’s not the only new addition to combat – as there’ll also be a new Crossguard stance. It’s described as slow, but powerful; it’ll require a long windup but will hit very hard once it does presuming you can get Cal in the right position to make the most of your strike.

The game’s director has said that part of the reasoning for these additions was to address how slow getting all your powers felt in the previous game. “That power curve came in a little bit too late,” Stig Asmussen says, “and it’s around 60% into the first game, you start to feel like, ‘hey, I got a lot of powers right now that I can use to manipulate and eventually dominate both combat and the environment.’”

That’s going to change in this sequel, as the team at Respawn want players to feel that Cal is ‘further along on his path’ to being a Jedi once more, having gone through his story in Fallen Order. Of course, as well as the Force Powers from the previous game, there’ll also be some new ones to earn too – including Force Confusion, which will make foes attack each other instead of you.

There’s plenty more new additions where that came from too, including a bunch of new cosmetic options allowing you to change the way your Cal looks (and of course his droid buddy BD-1) to your personal preference. It’s all shaping up to be very exciting indeed.

We’ll find out when the Star Wars Jedi Survivor release date arrives on April 28 for Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 5 and PC.

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