FC 24 Founders Evolution – How to complete and best players to upgrade

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If you are loading into Ultimate Team, you may be looking to complete the Founders Evolution. Knowing how to complete the upgrades is one thing, but knowing which player to upgrade is another. We will help you through the process, outlining who we think provides the most valuable upgrade option.

Although the full FC 24 release date is still a week or so away, a select group of players are already in the game via FC 24 early access. Most fans will also gain access to FC 24 Ultimate Team via the FC 24 Web App, which releases just before general early access.

Take a look below for your FC 24 Founders Evolution guide.

How to complete Founders Evolution

Completing the FC 24 Founders Evolution couldn’t be simpler. There are two levels to the evolution, each with its own requirement. Fortunately, they are both straightforward.

Level 1 – Win 2 Squad Battles (or Rivals/Champions) matches on minimum Semi-Pro difficulty, using your active EVO player in the game.

Rewards – Pace +3, Shooting +3

Level 2 – Win 4 Squad Battles (or Rivals/Champions) matches on minimum Semi-Pro difficulty, using your active EVO player in the game.

Rewards – Dribbling +3, Physical +3, Weak Foot +1

In total, this evolution will take a minimum of six matches to complete. We recommend combining them with other objectives too, such as the League Mastery tasks in Milestones to earn some other packs along the way.

Expiry Date: December 15

Best players to upgrade in Founders Evolution

Now you know how to complete the evolution, you need to know which player to upgrade. In total, your player will receive a +3 boost to their Pace, Shooting, Dribbling, and Physical stats, as well as a +1 boost to their weak foot.

The Founders Evolution is limited to strikers only, with other limitations to certain ratings. Each player must fit the following criteria:

Attribute CategoryLimitations
OverallBetween 75-83
PhysicalMaximum 85
DribblingMaximum 83
PaceMaximum 91

Take a look at who we recommend below.

Alvaro Morata (OVR 83)

Spanish forward Alvaro Morata is the highest-rated player that we would look at here. His four-star weak foot will become five-star, and we all know how important that can be. Add in his 6’3″ frame to what will become 85 Pace and 82 Physicality (including 96 Jumping) and he could be brilliant.

Darwin Nunez (OVR 82)

Using Darwin Nunez in the Founders Evolution is a safe bet. The Liverpool striker already boasts great pace and physical attributes, so they will only get better. The +3 boosts will take his Jumping to, so he will be unstoppable in the air as well as lightning fast on the ground.

Timo Werner (OVR 82)

German striker Timo Werner is the fastest player available for this evolution. Werner has a four-star weak foot rating already, so he will upgrade to five-star upon completion. Add that to 94 Pace and 83 Shooting, and you have got yourself a deadly striker early in the game.

Beto (OVR 81)

Everton’s new striker Beto is a beast. At 6’4″ and with 91 Strength, not many defenders will be able to handle the Portuguese hitman at the best of times. Add the upgrades to him, and he becomes a serious threat at the top of the pitch.

Elye Wahi (OVR 78)

This ones from slightly left-field, but Elye Wahi can be a terrific player to use in the Founders Evolution. Four-star skill moves and weak foot are good already, so the upgrade will make him excellent. Add in his existing speed and decent finishing attributes, and he becomes a real handful.

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