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When Will Avatar The Way of Water Be On Disney Plus? (Our prediction)

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Avatar: The Way of Water has only been out a short time and it’s already moving its way steadily up the box office charts, leading many to wonder “When will Avatar: The Way of Water be on Disney Plus?”

A fair question considering that the blockbuster sequel is set to be one of 2022’s biggest, if not possibly its biggest, movie releases.

The movie which is set 13 years after the end of 2009’s Avatar tells the continuing story of Jake and Neytiri as they fight to protect their children and their people from the resurgent threat of the human RDA corporation.

When is Avatar: The Way of Water most likely to be released on Disney Plus?

At the moment, no official release date has been confirmed for Avatar: The Way of Water on Disney Plus.

However, given that the release of the movie on to Disney Plus is likely to be a big event for the streamer. And, knowing writer/director James Cameron’s efforts to promote world conservation.

It is my guess that, like the re-release of Avatar into cinemas in 2010 on “World Earth Day”. Avatar: The Way of Water will also be released on to Disney Plus on “World Earth Day” 2023. Meaning that it would be released on or around Saturday 22nd April 2023.

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When Will Avatar The Way of Water Be Released On Disney Plus FAQ

Will Avatar 2 be available to stream?

No official confirmation has been given yet, but it is highly likely that Avatar: The Way of Water will be available on streaming worldwide in 2023.

Will Avatar 2 be on Netflix?

While nothing has been officially confirmed yet. It is very unlikely that Avatar: The Way of Water will see a release on Netflix. As the movie is owned by 20th Century Studios who are a subsidiary of The Walt Disney Company. So, the movie is most likely to see a streaming release exclusively on Disney+.