Avatar The Way Of Water Cast

Avatar The Way Of Water Cast
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Avatar: The Way of Water marks James Cameron and his Avatar cast’s spectacular return to the beautiful utopia of Pandora. Picking up the story of Jake and Neytiri roughly 13 years after the ending of Avatar. We find them now as parents, trying to protect their family, their clan, and their home, as their old enemy, the RDA, return to Pandora seeking revenge.

Who stars in the cast for Avatar: The Way of Water?

Sam Worthington returns as Jake Sully

Sam Worthington returns as human turned Na’vi, Jake Sully, as we see Jake in his new role as father, husband, and clan chief. Before old threats return putting everything he holds dear in terrible danger.

Zoe Saldaña returns as Neytiri

Alongside Worthington, Zoe Saldaña reprises her stand out role as the noble and fierce Na’vi warrior, Neytiri. Now the mother and adopted mother of 5 young children, she remains the compass that guides and centers Jake. As they fight together to protect their children, their clan, and their home from the threat of a resurgent RDA.

CCH Pounder returns as Mo’at

Reprising her role from Avatar, CCH Pounder returns as Mo’at, the mother of Neytiri, and Tsahìk (spiritual leader) of their Na’vi clan, the Omaticaya.

Jamie Flatters plays Neteyam

Newcomer, Jamie Flatters, plays brand new character, Neteyam, a young Na’vi warrior, and oldest child of Jake and Neytiri. He has been trained from childhood by his mother and father to take his place, when the time comes, as Olo’eyktan (clan leader) of the Omaticaya.

Sigourney Weaver plays Kiri

Hollywood icon, Sigourney Weaver, joins the cast of Avatar: The Way of Water as brand new character, Kiri.

A young Na’vi girl raised by Jake and Neytiri as if she were their own daughter. Kiri is also the biological daughter of Dr. Grace Augustine (the character Sigourney Weaver played in Avatar). She is a sensitive soul with a deep connection to Pandora and its deity, Eywa,

Jack Champion plays Miles ‘Spider’ Socorro

Marking his biggest Hollywood role to date, rising young actor, Jack Champion, plays Miles Socorro, an adopted son of Jake and Neytiri. But, unlike Kiri, Miles or “Spider” as he is nicknamed is human rather than Na’vi.

As he was one of, if not possibly the first, human child born on Pandora, and was orphaned when his mother was killed as part of the RDA forces under the command of Col. Miles Quaritch attacked the Omaticaya clan at the end of Avatar.

This, along with the previous acts of the humans on Pandora causes Spider to feel guilty about being human in addition to feeling caught between two worlds. As though he is a human, he identifies more with the Na’vi and their culture and views.

Britain Dalton plays Lo’ak

Britain Dalton stars in the cast of Avatar: The Way of Water as Jake and Neytiri’s second son and second biological child, Lo’ak. A young Na’vi who not only shares his father’s stubborn and reckless nature, but who also resembles his father’s avatar as he has five fingers on each head instead of the traditional four that Na’vi normally have.

Treated by others as somewhat of an outcast, and feeling overshadowed by the accomplishments of his older brother, Neteyam. Lo’ak longs to prove himself, especially, he feels, in the eyes of his father.

Trinity Jo-Li Bliss plays Tuktirey/Tuk

The youngest of the Sully children, Tuktirey, often named Tuk for short, or Tuk-Tuk by Kiri, is played by young star, Trinity Bliss.

Like her mother, Tuk is daring and mischievous with a keen curiosity in the world around her. But, for her own safety, she is often left in the care of her clan or her sister, Kiri, when a journey is too dangerous to bring her.

Kate Winslet plays Ronal

Returning to work with writer/director, James Cameron, following their first collaboration on 1997’s Titanic. Which not only changed box office records for over a decade, cementing Cameron as the undisputed “King of the Hollywood Box Office”. The movie saw Winslet giving a star making performance that has led to her becoming one of cinema’s biggest stars, with the last 25 years seeing her in a variety of acclaimed and award winning performances.

Now, before the movie has even debuted, Winslet is already breaking records once more, with her free diving working on the movie seeing her break the previous Hollywood free diving record of 6 minutes with her own dive lasting just shy of 7 minutes.

The holder of the previous record? None other than Tom Cruise, who set the previous record for a free diving sequence in 2015’s Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation.

Cliff Curtis plays Tonowari

One of the most familiar faces in cinema, Cliff Curtis, has memorably appeared in productions across Film and TV. Now, he joins the cast of Avatar: The Way of Water as Tonowari, the chief of the Metkayina Na’vi clan. Who, reside near and in the vast oceans of Pandora, unlike the Omaticaya Na’vi clan that Neytiri hails from, who resided in Pandora’s jungles.

Bailey Bass plays Tsireya

Rising Hollywood actress, Bailey Bass, joins Avatar: The Way of Water‘s cast as Tsireya, the daughter of Tonowari, and Ronal.

With the Sully family seeking refuge with her people, Tsireya finds a connection with their son, Lo’ak, that could have far reaching implications for them both.

Filip Geljo plays Aonung

Filip Geljo makes their big screen debut as Aonung, the son of Ronal and Tonowari, and brother of Tsireya of the free diving Na’vi clan, the Metkayina, who live beside the oceans of Pandora.

Duane Evans Jr. plays Rotxo

Duane Evans Jr takes on the role of Rotxo, a young Navi warrior of the free diving Metkayina clan.

Joel David Moore returns as Norm Spellman

Returning to the world of Pandora once more, Joel David Moore reprises his role as Jake’s friend and ally, Norm Spellman. And while it’s not yet known exactly what role Norm will play in the events of Way of Water.

We do know from the Avatar comics released by Dark Horse Comics (and officially authorised by James Cameron) that Norm is accepted into the Omaticaya Na’vi clan, and has become a surrogate father and teacher for several of the orphaned children of the Omaticaya. As well as remaining a close friend and confidant of Jake, who confided his fears to Norm that the RDA would return to Pandora seeking revenge.

Dileep Rao returns as Dr. Max Patel

Another returning cast member from Avatar, Dileep Rao played human scientist, Dr. Max Patel, who served as the right hand associate of Dr. Grace Augustine, and an ally of Jake and Neytiri at the movie’s end in the fight against the RDA.

Although his role in the events of Way of Water has not been confirmed yet. It feels safe to assume that he will be one of the humans forced out of their home at the “Hells Gate” facility for being a Na’vi sympathiser now that the RDA have returned to Pandora.

Giovanni Ribisi returns as Parker Selfridge

Serving as one of the main antagonists in Avatar, Giovanni Ribsi’s Parker Selfridge represented the human face of corporate greed and self interest. Interested in nothing more than the precious resources of Pandora without a single thought of the consequences or impact on the planet.

Selfridge represented a very real world threat in the fictional world of Pandora, and given that his last attempt to mine the planet of its resources failed. There is a strong possibility that the RDA have sent him back to finish the job that he started all those years ago.

Stephen Lang returns as Colonel Miles Quaritch

Watching Avatar, it’s hard to imagine anyone else playing the role of the cruel and charismatic Quaritch with the same gravitas as Stephen Lang, with the character becoming one of cinema’s most memorable villains.

But, how is Quaritch back when he was killed at the end of Avatar, you may be wondering. And the answer is that the RDA have turned Quaritch into the very thing he hated. As they have used a copy of his mind and memories prior to his death, to resurrect him in the body of a Na’vi Avatar.

And, with Cameron confirming that Quaritch is intended to be the main villain that menaces the Sully family across all of the Avatar sequels. It seems it’s true when they say that you just can’t keep a good villain down.

Edie Falco plays General Ardmore

First introduced in Dark Horse Comics’ Avatar sequel story, Avatar: The High Ground, General Ardmore is sent by the RDA to restart their operations on Pandora. With her first actions being to threaten the humans who stayed behind on Pandora to vacate the “Hells Gate” former RDA facility and either rejoin the RDA or be killed as traitors.

Now, in Way of Water, played by Emmy winning The Sopranos and Nurse Jackie star, Edie Falco. Ardmore is one of the biggest threats to the Sully family and Pandora, as she has issued explicit orders that Jake Sully is to be hunted and killed.

Brendan Cowell plays Captain Mick Scoresby

Not much is known yet about Captain Scoresby other than that he is played by Australian actor, Brendan Cowell, and he is a Captain on one of the RDA’s Naval vessels.

Jemaine Clement plays Dr. Ian Garvin

A brand new character in the Avatar mythos, Dr. Garvin is said to be a marine biologist, and is set to be played by celebrated actor, writer, musician, and comedian, Jemaine Clement of Flight of the Conchords and What We Do in the Shadows fame.

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Avatar The Way Of Water Cast FAQ

Is Avatar 3 confirmed?

Yes. James Cameron has confirmed that scenes from Avatar 3 have already been shot, with a tentative release date of December 2024.

How many children do Jake and Neytiri have?

Jake and Neytiri have 5 children in Avatar: The Way of Water. Three of them (Neteyam, Lo’ak, and Tuk) are their biological children. While Spider, and Kiri, are their adopted children, raised almost from birth by Jake and Neytiri as if they were their own.