Valorant leak uncovers gorgeous new bundle similar to LoL Spirit Blossom

Valorant leak uncovers gorgeous new bundle similar to LoL Spirit Blossom
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Valorant is fantastic experience and the new Episode 8 Act 3 is right around the corner. Not much is known about the upcoming chapter yet, but it’s only a week away. While not much is officially known, a leak has uncovered a gorgeous new Valorant bundle said to be similar to Spirit Blossom from League of Legends.

Right now Valorant is in the final stages of Episode 8 Act 2. The most recent update is 8.07 for which you can still check out the patch notes. This has been a fantastic chapter from Riot Games as it introduced new fan-favorite agent, Clove.

While Act 2 has been amazing, it is set to end in a week’s time to make way for the arrival of Episode 8 Act 3. Again, not much is officially known, but leaks have revealed a new bundle fans can expect to buy.

Valorant new bundle leak

ValorantLeaksEN has shared details about a new bundle that should become available to buy during Episode 8 Act 3. Below are the shared details about the Valorant bundle coming soon:

  • Includes weapons.
  • Operator, Phantom, Sheriff, Judge and Melee.
  • There is a pink variant.
  • The design of the melee is similar to the Kunai. (You can expect different animation)
  • Similar to the Spirit Blossom theme in League of Legends.
  • It’s about flowers.

In addition to all of the above, the leak shared on Twitter includes an image that is not a leak but rather a representation of what to expect. The image is of Yasuo from League of Legends Spirit Blossom.

No other details are leaked as of this moment, but it sounds exciting. People in the replies to the leak are ready to splash the cash despite nothing actually being shown as of yet.

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Valorant is available on PC.