Valorant Agent tier list – ranking the best characters

Valorant Agent tier list – ranking the best characters
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If you’re looking to scale Valorant’s ever-shifting meta, our handy Valorant agent tier list for Episode 8 Act 2 evaluates agents by effectiveness and utility. With new Episodes and Acts introduced regularly, the meta-game evolves, causing shifts in the performance of the game’s agents.

Adapting quickly to these changes can help advance your rank. While tier lists provide a sense of the meta, don’t hesitate to stick with an old favorite if you’ve already mastered their kit.

An image of Skye in Valorant. Image from Riot Games.
Skye commands beasts in Valorant. Image from Riot Games.

Valorant Agent tier list

Here are the best characters and agents in Valorant Episode 8 Act 2, ranked. Our S-Tier picks are Jett, Raze, Cypher, Killjoy, Skye, and Clove. Next up, we’ve gone with Neon, Sova, Viper, Omen, KAY/O, and Fade as reliable A-Tier options. The rest of the Agents fill up the other tiers. Read on to understand why some Agents tackle the new meta better in Valorant.

SJett, Raze, Cypher, Killjoy, Skye, Clove
ANeon, Sova, Viper, Omen, KAY/O, Fade
BBrimstone, Gekko, Chamber, Harbor, Phoenix
CAstra, Sage, Yoru, Reyna, Breach
D Deadlock, Iso
A tier list of all the Agents in Valorant.

S-Tier Valorant agents in Valorant explained

This S-Tier comprises the absolute best Agents currently in Valorant’s meta. These agents can dictate the momentum of a round and can often create favorable situations. The S-Tier Agents in Episode 8 Act 2 are:

Jett – S-tier

Jett’s agile and elusive fighting style allows her to take risks no one else can. She’s an expert in dueling with her unmatched speed and killer instincts. Her Cloudburst and Updraft abilities allow her to control the battlefield and outmaneuver her enemies. The former cuts off vision to turn the odds in your favor.

Raze – S-Tier

Raze excels in crowd control and dealing high amounts of damage. Her explosive blast pack abilities can push opponents out of their hiding places or take them out entirely. She thrives in chaotic, close-quarters combat and is excellent at flushing out tightly packed enemies. While an earlier patch nerfs their Paint Shells grenade, it’s still a lethal option. And her nerfed Boom Bot is still great at lurking about and gathering intel. Just remember that she isn’t as effective in wide-open spaces on some maps.

Cypher – S-Tier

Cypher’s surveillance tools provide critical information about enemy movements. His ability to place Trapwire stun traps and Spycams lets him alert his team of an enemy presence or secure flanks. Neural Theft can straight up reveal any enemy on the map, letting you act as an initiator if needed despite being a sentinel. This makes Cypher one of the best Valorant agents to pick.

Skye – S-Tier

Skye utilizes her resources to command beasts and plant life to aid her team. Her abilities allow her to heal her teammates, blind opponents, and scout areas, making her a balanced choice for offense and defense. Her nerfed Guiding Lights can blind foes while Regrowth is a solid heal in a game where health bars drop like flies. As for gathering info or clearing locations, she’s got Trailblazer and the Seekers Ultimate.

Killjoy – S-Tier

Killjoy’s robotic friends and turrets can deny and delay plants, secure sites, or even chase down enemies. They allow her to lock down areas and provide valuable information to her team. Despite some nerfs, her Nanoswarm grenades are great at controlling areas. Her buffed Lockdown Ultimate fills a similar role too and makes her a solid sentinel.

Clove – S-Tier

The latest agent brings a sweet mix of duelist and controller abilities. With Ruse smokes that trigger even after death and a self-resurrection ultimate Not Dead Yet, Clove is in a solid position right from the start. Pick-me-up lets Clove get temporary health and speed from fallen foes while Meddle is a quick decay skill that can help your team in a pinch. They’re easily an S-Tier pick at the moment.

An image of Viper in Valorant. Image from Riot Games.
Viper uses poison to corner foes in Valorant. Image from Riot Games.

A-Tier Valorant agents who are still solid picks

The Agents in the A-Tier are strong and sometimes rival those in the S-Tier. However, their effectiveness on specific maps could also be higher in comparison. The Valorant A-Tier Agents in Episode 8 Act 2 are:

Neon – A-Tier

Neon’s abilities to accelerate herself and generate a reaction force that blinds players make her a formidable duelist. Her playstyle rewards aggressive gameplay and precision shooting, but she lacks the utility to impact the round beyond getting kills. Her Fast Lane move is great for positioning and so is her High Gear ability. But map awareness is essential to guarantee wins.

Sova – A-Tier

Sova’s recon abilities are perfect for gathering information about the enemy’s position. His arrows can reveal enemy locations or be used as a direct attack, and his drone can scout ahead and tag enemies. He’s a great initiator pick for players who want to keep their teammates aware of enemy positions. Pair him up with an agent with a flash to account for his shortcomings in this department.

Viper – A-Tier

Viper can control the battlefield by creating Toxic Screens or Poison Clouds that block vision and cause damage over time respectively. Her abilities are great for area denial and creating chaos during a push. This makes her a valuable asset against most agents on all maps.

Omen – A-Tier

Omen can teleport across the map with Shrouded Step, providing valuable flanks and unexpected angles. His precise Dark Cover smokes provide cover, and his Paranoia ability can blind enemies, making him a good choice for teams that need flexibility.

KAY/O – A-Tier

KAY/O’s offensive abilities make him perfect for leading the charge. He has the power to blind foes with Flash/drive and throw a devastating Frag/ment grenade. CS2 players will quickly be able to adapt to these two abilities. KAY/O can even be revived if he is taken down thanks to his Null/cmd Ultimate, making him an invaluable asset to the team. These place the sentient war machine in our A-Tier.

Fade – A-Tier

Fade’s abilities focus on revealing enemy locations, tracking them, and restricting their movements. Haunt marks foes with a Terror Trail to reveal enemy positions. Debuffs are also on the table with the Seize ability. However, maximizing this initiator’s potential requires good map knowledge and communication with the team, placing her in the A-Tier.

An image of Gekko in Valorant. Image from Riot Games.
Gekko’s abilities demand solid timing in Valorant. Image from Riot Games.

B-Tier Valorant agents who are decent alternatives

B-Tier Agents shine in certain situations, but they often get outclassed by other Agents in their role. Characters in this category in Valorant Episode 8 Act 2 are:

Brimstone – B-Tier

Brimstone can call in Death from Above airstrikes and deploy long-lasting Sky Smokes and Incendiary grenades, making him an essential asset for controlling the battlefield and blocking enemy vision. Stim Beacon is a solid buff for allies, with enhanced reloads, weapon swaps, and recoil recovery. Unfortunately, his smokes don’t recharge and hold him back from climbing our tier list.

Gekko – B-Tier

Gekko’s unique abilities offer interesting strategic options, such as deploying his pet for concussive blasts or defusal tasks. The latter is particularly helpful during nail-biting matches. However, his abilities require a certain level of coordination and timing, making him more challenging to play effectively for beginners. Mosh Pit is a grenade that takes a while to master. That’s why he sits in the B-tier despite recent buffs.

Harbor – B-Tier

Harbor excels at slowing down enemies and forcing them into unfavorable engagements. His Cascade and High Tide moves are great at this. However, he requires excellent map knowledge and team coordination to utilize his abilities fully.

Chamber – B-Tier

A recent patch turned Chamber into a quick-moving, tempo-dictating monster that can turn the tides of battle in your team’s favor. His Headhunter pistol is particularly favored by players along with the lethal Tour de Force sniper rifle Ultimate. Though his skillset still leaves a lot to be desired and pales in comparison to those in the S-tier and A-tier, you could do a lot worse as his abilities are still effective in certain scenarios.

Phoenix – B-Tier

Phoenix can self-revive, flash Curveballs around corners, and use a firewall and block enemy vision. His ultimate Run It Back ability allows him to be reborn if he dies, giving him a lot of potential for aggressive play. Being able to self-sustain is a great perk for duelists, putting Phoenix in our B-tier.

✓ Maullick’s annotation

Back up offensive characters like Chamber with defensive teammates

While Agents like Sage aren’t great in combat due to their abilities, they can keep characters like Chamber in great shape as they clear the map.

An image of Harbor in Valorant. Image from Riot Games.
Harbor is a decent pick in Valorant. Image from Riot Games.

C-tier Valorant agents who aren’t very reliable

The Agents in C-Tier only tend to fulfill a particular niche and could be more reliable in most cases. The characters that fall in this category are:

Astra – C-Tier

Astra’s global control and strategic abilities are remarkable but require perfect communication and anticipation. Gravity Well can turn enemies vulnerable while Nova Pulse concusses players. Her potential has been greatly nerfed and can often be underutilized in disorganized teams, hence her placement in the C-Tier.

Yoru – C-Tier

Yoru’s abilities to create fake footstep sounds, blind enemies, and teleport make him an exciting choice for mind games and deception. Gatecrash is particularly effective as a fake teleport. However, he lacks consistency, and his abilities are often predictable, placing him in the C-Tier.

Sage – C-Tier

Sage’s Healing Orb and Resurrection abilities along with her crowd-control tools are top-tier. However, her lack of aggressive power holds her back, placing her in the C-Tier.

Reyna – C-Tier

Reyna has powerful self-sustain and dueling capabilities with her Devour and Dismiss abilities to consume souls from killed enemies to heal or become invulnerable. However, her effectiveness relies heavily on personal skill and aggressive play, making her less consistent in teamfights. You’ll need to remember to focus on team tactics over solo kills.

Breach – C-Tier

Breach uses his seismic abilities to create pathways and disrupt enemy movements. His power to stun enemies, knock them back, or damage them through walls makes him excellent at creating opportunities for his team to move in and secure the objective. His Rolling Thunder wave is a great stun that can slow an enemy offensive. But his kit demands close teamwork, which isn’t always easy to accomplish.

An image of Deadlock in Valorant. Image from Riot Games.
Deadlock is no longer a great agent in Valorant. Image from Riot Games.

D-Tier Valorant agents to avoid

The Agents in the D-Tier are the worst choices in Valorant’s current meta and desperately need buffs. Players should generally stay away from them to maximize their chances of winning. The Agents in the D-Tier of Valorant Episode 8 Act 2 are:

Deadlock – D-Tier

Oh, how the mighty fall. Make no mistake: Deadlock’s abilities are versatile and provide a good balance of offense and defense. Her Barrier Mesh can block off areas, Sonic Sensor can stun enemies, and GravNet grenade can slow down opponents. But in several scenarios, her skills often become useless and easy to counter. As a Sentinel, Deadlock is supposed to anchor your team’s site. Instead, she becomes an anchor to your squad as your opponents maneuver through her lackluster skillset. This drops her to the lowest tier in our Valorant Agent tier list.

Iso – D-Tier

The fairly new kid on the block has several handy tricks up his sleeves. Iso’s unique kit, when put in the right spots, can cause chaos singlehandedly. That also means he’s not great in teamfights. Double Tap’s shield is great at defensive maneuvers. And Contingency is a solid shield wall move. But his situational usefulness often leads to unideal situations, which is why we’ve placed him in the D-Tier.

This covers our elaborate Valorant agent tier list. In a game where abilities can dictate battles, recognizing the ever-shifting meta is important. Valorant constantly evolves, and agents may move up and down tiers based on updates and the constantly changing meta.

Remember, the best agent in Valorant is often the one you’re most comfortable with and can leverage most effectively in your team’s strategy. If you’re tired of grinding out games with your favorite agents, here’s how to uninstall Valorant. If you aren’t quite jaded with the game yet, stay up to date with the next Valorant Night Market to grab your favorite skins.

Valorant tier list FAQs

Who is the best agent in Valorant?

Each agent has their own strengths and weaknesses that make them the best, but you can never go wrong with Jett and her ever-powerful set of skills.

Who is the strongest duelist in Valorant?

Jett is arguably the strongest duelist in Valorant, with her mobility-filled skillset.