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The Last of Us Part 1 – Safe Codes Guide – Safe and Code Locations

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During your journey through The Last of Us Part 1, you will find several safes full of valuables to aid Joel and Ellie. Though nobody could be fully prepared for the Infected outbreak, Doomsday preppers had a distinct advantage, and it seems as though their habits have spread to other survivors in the years since. 

Although no-one else is looking to claim the safes’ contents, it isn’t as easy as simply cracking them open and making off with the goods. Each safe has an accompanying code, which can be found by exploring the nearby environment. Some safe codes are relatively simple to find, while others required dedicated exploration. 

We’ll help you locate each safe and where their codes can be found. But if scavenging for codes isn’t appealing to you, we’ve also listed each Safe Code below to save you some time. 

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The Last of Us Part 1 – Outskirts Safe

The Last of Us Outskirts Safe
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The first Safe in The Last of Us Part 1 can be found just after your first encounter with Clickers. After entering the subway, you will find the Safe in the Clicker-infested shop area. Directly across from the safe is a store with an intact counter, the code is inside a drawer behind the counter. Return to the safe and use the code, and you’ll receive 50 Parts, which can be used to upgrade your weapons. 


Safe Code: 03-43-78 

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The Last of Us Part 1 – Bill’s Town Safe 

The Last of Us Bill's Town
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This area contains the easiest Safe and Code to access in The Last of Us Part 1. The safe itself is located on the main street at the center of town, next to a rusting pickup truck. You can access the main street almost immediately after starting the level. 

To find the code, progress down the road past the safe until you reach a barricade. A note is attached to the front of the barricade, reading the note will get you the code. 

Much like the first safe, Bill’s Town Safe contains 50 parts, as well as 5 Supplements and ammo for the Hunting Rifle. The Supplements can be used to acquire new skills. 

Safe Code: 05-17-21 

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Hotel Safe 

The Pittsburgh Hotel is the location of the next Safe, and its accompanying code is more difficult than usual to get hold of. Once you get to the reception, head past the desk to find a smaller room beyond with the safe inside. 

With the easy part done, take the ladder and climb to the lobby upper level. Immediately after climbing, head right and pass the broken stairs to find a note containing the code. Return to the safe to unlock it and claim 50 Parts, Revolver ammo, Explosives and a Training Manual. 

Safe Code: 22-10-56 

Suburbs Safe 

The fourth and final Safe in The Last of Us Part 1 can be found in the Suburbs area. Head to the house closest to the Ice Cream Truck and go inside. A bedroom on the upper floor has the safe tucked into the inside of a closet.  

Once the safe has been located, move up to the top floor and inspect a match case on the computer desk. The Safe Code can be found on the inside of the match case. Once used, you will receive 50 Parts, 10 Supplements and Shotgun Ammo. 

Safe Code: 08-21-36 

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