The Last Of Us Part 1 – Best Weapon Upgrades

The Last Of Us Part 1 – Best Weapon Upgrades
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Looking for the best The Last of Us Part weapon upgrades?

Stealth, proper planning, and crafting the right tools are all essential ways to survive in The Last Of Us Part 1. But they aren’t all you have at your disposal, and you aren’t exploring empty-handed. Joel and Ellie will be getting into more than a few scrapes over the course of the game, and you’ll need to be well-equipped for when they do. 

When dealing with roving bandits, hunters, and infected, make sure you’ve got the right tools for the job. We’ll help you pick the best upgrades for your weapons in The Last Of Us Part 1, helping you go from scrappy survivor to a walking armory. 

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The Last Of Us Part 1 Weapon Upgrades – Spare Parts 

The Last of Us Weapon Upgrades
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Before you start thinking you’ll be able to upgrade when and wherever you please, you should know that weapon upgrades don’t come cheap. Parts are a crafting material in The Last Of Us Part 1, but unlike other crafting items, they are not spent on consumables. Instead, Parts are put towards weapon upgrades, with each upgrade needing a specific number of Parts to unlock. The Parts are then used up once the weapon is upgraded. 

You’re going to need to always be on the lookout for Parts and scavenge them whenever you can. If you do, your weapons will soon be in pristine condition. 

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The Last of Us Part 1 – Weapon Upgrade Categories 

Your weapons can be upgraded in a variety of ways in The Last Of Us Part 1. Below, you’ll find all of the weapon stats that can be adjusted and improved. Each weapon has a number of these categories available to upgrade. 

  • Ammo Capacity 
  • Armor Piercing 
  • Draw Speed 
  • Fire Rate 
  • Power 
  • Range 
  • Recoil 
  • Reload Speed 
  • Scope 
  • Spread 

Best Weapon Upgrades 

The Last of Us Weapon Upgrades
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Bow – Range Upgrade 

Ammo can sometimes be a concern in The Last Of Us Part 1. If you aren’t careful about conserving bullets, you can find yourself severely weakened and in a tricky position. The Bow lessens this worry, as you can recover arrows after firing them. 

The Bow is a stealthier option than typical firearms, but no less deadly for it. Improving the Bow’s range allows you to take out enemies quietly at an even further distance, turning this humble hunting gear into a low-tech sniper. 

El Diablo – Armor Piercing 

El Diablo is one of the most powerful weapons in The Last Of Us Part 1, and you’re going to want every shot it fires to connect. The scope on this revolver allows you to make precision shots, which makes it all the more frustrating when armored enemies can shrug off what would otherwise have been a killing blow. Investing in armor piercing means that the Diablo remains deadly, regardless of who, or what, you’re facing. 

Capacity is also a good investment for this weapon, as while it hits incredibly hard, the achingly slow reload can leave you vulnerable to attack. 

Shorty – Spread 

This sawed-off shotgun is never going to be a long-range powerhouse, so why not lean into what it does well? Upgrading the spread of your shots means that anyone that dares get up close is soon going to become a mess of blood and parts. Gruesome? Definitely. Effective? Completely. 

Flamethrower – Damage 

The Flamethrower is a late-game tool of destruction. Putting infected to the torch is immensely satisfying after they’ve hounded you through the whole of The Last of Us Part 1. The flamethrower works just as well against humans. Enemy attacks are interrupted by a blast from the flamethrower, as they suddenly have more pressing problems to deal with, i.e. quickly turning to cinders.  

Increasing the Flamethrower’s damage potential means that enemies drop even quicker, allowing you to save ammo for threats further down the line. There’s very little that can stand up to you while wielding a flamethrower. 

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That’s it for our weapon upgrades guide for The Last Of Us Part 1. Choose your upgrades with care and you’ll have no problem keeping your duo of survivors safe. 

What Are the Best Weapon Upgrades in The Last of Us?

  • Bow – Range Upgrade 
  • El Diablo – Armor Piercing 
  • Shorty – Spread 
  • Flamethrower – Damage 

What Weapons to Upgrade in The Last of Us?

What weapons to upgrade really depends on your playstyle, but as a general rule, it’s worth investing resources into the Bow, El Diablo, Shorty, and Flamethrower. Doing so gives you a weapon to take down every kind of infected and face any potential situation the game may throw your way.

Can You Fully Upgrade All Weapons in The Last of Us?

All weapons can be fully upgraded in The Last of Us, though this won’t be possible in a one single playthrough of the game. This is because there simply aren’t enough resources in a single playthrough to upgrade every weapon. However, by playing New Game + you get to keep all weapons in their current state, upgrades included, allowing you to pick up the materials needed to upgrade them fully by the end of the second playthrough.