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The Last Of Us Part 1 Crafting Guide – Recipes And Crafted Items

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You’re going to need to use every possible tool at your disposal to make it through the brutal challenges awaiting in The Last of Us Part 1. Thankfully, Joel has learned more than a few survival skills over the years. Crafting is one of the most important tools in your arsenal, allowing you to create a number of items to make your journey go that much smoother. 

We’ll walk you through each crafted item, their use in The Last of Us Part 1, and what materials you need to craft them. 

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The Last Of Us Part 1: Crafting Materials 

The Last of Us Crafting Materials
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You’ll acquire raw crafting materials while exploring the world of The Last of Us Part 1. While they may not have much use on their own, they can be combined in a number of ways to make bombs, health items, weapon upgrades, and more. 

  • Alcohol 
  • Binding 
  • Explosive 
  • Rags 
  • Sugar 

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Crafting Recipes 

Below are the ways in which you can combine your raw crafting materials into usable items. Feel free to combine as often as you need, as crafting materials serve no other purpose. Just try not to burn through your whole stock at once, you never know when you might need an extra heal or a Molotov to ward off a particularly dangerous pack of enemies. 

  • Health Kit: Alcohol and Rag 
  • Melee Upgrade: Binding and Blade, plus any Melee Weapon. 
  • Molotov Cocktail: Alcohol and Rags 
  • Nail Bomb: Blade and Explosive 
  • Shiv: Binding and Blade 
  • Smoke Bomb: Sugar and Explosive

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Crafted Item Uses 

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  • Health Kit – Heals three bars of health. Though the amount of healing done is fixed at first, finding certain Training Manuals throughout The Last of Us Part 1 can cause Health Kits to increase in effectiveness. 
  • Melee Upgrade – Increases the damage dealt by your melee weapon, turning each swing into a one-hit kill for basic enemies. This will only last for a few hits, however. 
  • Molotov Cocktail – Causes a fiery explosion when thrown, burning enemies caught in the blast with a high chance of killing them.  
  • Nail Bomb- A trip mine that detonates once any enemy comes close enough. Deals significant damage though requires more planning and careful positioning than other crafting options like the Molotov. 
  • Shiv – The Shiv is a multi-use tool that can be used as a weapon, a form of defense, and a crude lock pick. Using a shiv on an unaware enemy lands a one-use instant kill. It can also be used to open specific doors and fend off clickers after unlocking the Shiv Master skill.
  • Smoke Bomb – This item temporarily stuns enemies, allowing you to escape or otherwise deal with them quickly. It can also break pursuit and tracking by blind enemies. 

That wraps up our Crafting guide for The Last of Us Part 1.