The First Descendant fans are divided over option to punish players

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The First Descendant is a new free-to-play epic that has just arrived on consoles. It has quickly gained a huge player base, and there is a lot for fans to look forward to between now and the end of the year. While players are largely enjoying the core TFD experience, many The First Descendant fans are divided over whether Nexon should add a controversial option to punish bad players.

As mentioned, there is a lot to anticipate with TFD between now and the end of the year. The First Descendant roadmap for 2024 reveals all of the upcoming new content including the release date window for new playable character, Luna. In addition, the devs have confirmed the upcoming addition of matchmaking for public Infiltration Operation (Dungeon) on Hard Mode

It’s clear that the developer is listening to feedback from fans in an effort to better improve the game. One of the biggest gripes within the community is bad players, and fans are divided over whether Nexon should add a vote to kick option.

The First Descendant fans divided over vote to kick option

On The First Descendant subreddit, user 2Bord_ created a post titled, ‘I take it back, make a vote kick option‘. In the post, the OP explained they were originally opposed to the implementation of vote to kick, but they changed their mind “because holy f**k are there so many AFKing leechers”.

In farming for Blair components all day, the OP said they encountered “AFKing leechers almost every single run”. The OP elaborated, “They slightly move every now and then, or shoot randomly once, so they don’t get AFK timed out. I get the Story dungeons are long and tedious, but it would be 200x faster if you helped out, instead of AFKing”.

AFKing players have been a big problem within the community. In the replies, one user asked, “I don’t get why people afk in games like this, isn’t the whole point to grind?,” to which another user simply explained, “You get the same rewards as everyone else even if you afk. People are farming the quest rewards not the random drops from enemies”.

While few in the comments are in favor of the vote to kick, many replies are firmly against the option because “It’s always used in toxic ways”. Naysayers argue vote to kick would be used “more often to kick people for the character they are playing or their level or their build than to kick actual AFK people”.

In the comments, comparisons are made to Helldivers 2. The Arrowhead shooter doesn’t have a vote to kick system, but the host is able to kick players, resulting in many complaints that said system is being abused by toxic hosts.

As for how to fix the dilemma with AFK players, one user said Nexon “just need to add some afk checks like button prompts, movement checks or enemy damage checks. That and enforce afk reports”. Another user suggested, “Just let us mark afk user. If they don’t move after 10s, they get kicked out”.

In addition to the above ideas, players have suggested that Nexon should follow in the steps of Warframe. Per the comments, you don’t get rewards for the rounds you AFK too much in Warframe, which results in a much better and fairer player experience.

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