The First Descendant Luna release date window teased with exciting details and “dance moves”

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The First Descendant has only just recently come out, and it has taken over the world of gaming with fantastic player numbers. TFD is available to experience on PlayStation, Xbox, and PC, and there is a lot to enjoy about the game. The release date window for Luna as a playable character in The First Descendant has been teased along with exciting details about her gameplay and an exhibition of her “dance moves”.

Having only just come out recently, The First Descendant has broken player records despite suffering from some server issues. The devs have been banning over 1,000 players since launch, and there have been complaints about how its microtransactions are 20x more expensive than Warframe.

While the cost of microtransactions is steep, there’s no denying the game has quickly gathered a fanbase. There is a lot planned for the future of TFD, and that includes the release date of Luna as a playable character fairly soon.

The First Descendant Luna release date

The release date window for Luna as a playable character in The First Descendant is early August. This comes courtesy of the official roadmap for 2024, which includes details about plans for seasons 1 and 2.

While there’s no specific launch day, early next month implies before August 10th. It’s possible a delay could occur, but, as of writing, everything is on track for next month.

In addition to revealing the planned launch window, we also have exciting details for how Luna will work as a playable character in The First Descendant. In a clip shared to Twitter by TFDaltert, Luna is described as a “highly unique character themed around music”.

She will offer a “distinctive combat style that feels like rhythm action”. This is the only details provided so far about Luna, with the clip cutting off during a statement about how Nexon will also be adding the “popular character Valby as an ultimate”.

In addition to exciting gameplay details, TFDaltert has uploaded a clip of her “dance moves”. Although she’s not playable yet, Luna is an NPC, and you can see her pull off these dance moves in-game. Reacting to these dance moves on Reddit, the unanimous reaction is one of swooning.

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