The First Descendant devs prove they are listening as public matchmaking is confirmed

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The devs working on The First Descendant, Nexon, have just confirmed that public matchmaking for the Infiltration Operation: Dungeon on hard mode is going to be implemented via a hotfix, and it tells fans that they really are listening to the community.

Infiltration Operations are like the Destiny equivalent of Raids. You will form a team, complete challenges, and earn rewards, however it’s clear that the community sentiment is that they want an alternative difficulty setting for a few, with enhanced benefits.

As of this morning, Nexon announced via Discord that there is going to be a hotfix that “includes public matchmaking for Infiltration Operation (Dungeon) on Hard Mode. We’ll update as soon as possible, so please stay tuned.”

Public Matchmaking, Via Nexon

This was met with a really positive response from players of the game, who shared their excitement at its soon to be implementation. “Game’s scratching that looter shooter itch,” replied one on Twitter, while another has said that it is a “[Great] change coming in from the team! Just keep listening to the community and you guys will have a hell of a game!”

The First Descendant had previously been slated for its lack of public matchmaking, with Infiltration Operation difficulty often been said to hamper gameplay as it’s hard to form bespoke teams with enough other players. The fact that public matchmaking is also coming means that Nexon has just extended the game’s lifespan, with its lack of presence recently being a major reason that players had abandoned the game so soon.

“This doesn’t look like an average Nexon game,” says one player. In light of Nexon’s recent history and relationship with players – it had previously been made to pay out $8.9m for misleading MapleStory players – it’s certainly looking like The First Descendant has a chance at redeeming the developer in some ways.

The addition of public matchmaking to difficult dungeons means that players will have even more reason to play the game for longer, as it’s now actually feasible to play through the game without much of your own team.

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