The First Descendant Freyna build: Skills, tips & weapons

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Freyna is one of the earlier Descendant players who can unlock as part of the game’s main storyline options. When you unlock some of the early to mid-game content, chances to get Freyna research parts from content appear. When you do get her, you’ll have plenty of new skills to try, and weapons to experiment with. Here’s a closer look at a Freyna build for The First Descendant, featuring skill breakdown, combos, weapon suggestions, mods and gearing options.

Freyna Skills in The First Descendant

Freyna is a character all about dealing damage with her poisons and doing excellent single-target and AOE DPS. She is easily one of the best boss killers, and a great mobbing character too, thanks to her poison spread as shown in our Descendant Tier List. Her skills are as follows:

  • Venom Trauma – Fires a Toxic Bullet, dealing damage to hit enemies. The Toxic Bullet explosed, creating a Toxic Puddle, and inflicting Room 0 Trauma to those hit. Room 0 Trauma inflicts continuous damage and applies Posion to nearby enemies. The Toxic Bullet deals 174% Skill Power,
  • Defence Mechanism – Gain Plague Bodyarmour. Inflicts Room 0 Trauma on attacking enemies. 
  • Putrid Venom – Throw a poison to create a Toxic Swamp. Enemies in that area take continuous damage equal to 38.7% Skill Power each second for a 12-second duration. Enemies who are hit with the Toxic Swamp get covered in Posion and Venom Soaked debuff. Enemies with the Venom Soaked debuff leave Toxic Footprints as they move, which apply posion to enemies not already affected by poison.
  • Venom Baptism – Equip a Unique Weapon that fires 30 rounds that applies Room 0 Trauma, The damage of the rounds equals 253% of Skill Power, while Room 0 Trauam and Posion damage is enhanced. Poison now deals 439% of Skill Power, while Room 0 Trauma deals 75.9% skill power damage to targets affected.
  • Passive – Contagion Links: Increases Toxic Skill Power by the number of nearby enemies inflicted with Posion. Stacks up to 15 times, with each stack granting 1.2% toxic damage increased. 

Be advised that the basic damage formulae for Room 0 Trauma and Posion are as follows:

  • Room 0 Trauma is 9.9% Skillpower damage each second over 6 seconds. 
  • Poison deals 58% Skill power each second for a ten-second duration.

These effects will further improve as you do XP farms and get more levels on Freyna.

As you can see, Freyna is very much reliant on DoT damage landing to make her damage excel compared to other high Skill power modifier Descendants. Image captured via VideoGamer.

Freyna skill tips and combos

Freyna’s skills are very strong for withering away packs of enemies with the double debuffs. Furthermore, these DoTs provide strong single-target DPS to bosses. We have a few tips to make these skills more effective in combat.

  • Poison lots of enemies and focus key threats with Poison damage, such as elite spawns or bosses.
  • Party up with Crowd Controller Descendants to easily spread poison buffs for your passive.
  • Throw Toxic Swamp or fire Toxic Bullet when enemies group spawns or in funnel areas.
  • Only use Defence Mechanism when fighting lots of raged ads to spread your Posions that way.
  • Venom Baptism works best with your passive accumulating stacks. 

Ideally, due to her passive, you want to poison as many enemies as possible. For these reasons, Freya prefers to run solo for better DPS buffs to her Poison and Trauma damage. Competition with mob killing makes it harder to maintain her Toxic damage buffs via her passive. However, she can play in parties very well, especially with more Crowd Control-focused Descendants like Viessa and Lepic. Their CC helps to group enemies, so her Toxic Swamp effects do more damage. Alternatively, she can easily spread Room 0 Trauma and her posion for her passive.

Toxic Swamp is best used when you can either funnel enemies into a thin area, or when you know where enemy are going to spawn. Toxic Bullet is also best used in similar situations too.

Defence Mechanism applies Room 0 Trauma and poisons to enemies that hit you. This is a free way to spread poisons in fights with lots of ranged enemies.

Lastly, your ultimate is incredibly strong, and due to its strong posion buffs from that skill. You really want to use this when you have your Toxic damage increase from your passive. A buffed Venom Baptism offers the best way to increase your DPS in most situations, presuming you have the mana bar for all your poison spread and your ultimate skill.

Freyna can use any weapon she wants. But being safe at range is important for her low defence, and close-range weapons help put her in range to easily spread poison. Image captured by VideoGamer.

Freyna Build for The First Descendant

When it comes to building, Freyna is very flexible. She can use any weapon she wants to, as her kit is all about spreading debuffs and DoTs with her skills. The types of suggestions we recommend are:

  • Handguns
  • SMGs
  • Snipers or other form of long-range scoped weapon

So, we recommend weapons like handguns, as they pack large DPS per round, and have a decent range of them. You can also take weapons like SMGs when you need to get up close to use your Toxic Swamp skill. Alternatively, snipers are fine as you can throw your stuff down preemptively, shoot packs with Toxic Bulelt and snipe away at enemies, alongside spreading Poison with your Defensive Measures skill.

Again, be aware that certain reactors have buffs to skill power when using different weapons. You can get these for Assault Rifles, and Scout Rifles, and other weapon types, which we didn’t specifically mention. If you get one of these modifiers, all the while having a great Reactor then it’s worth suing those weapon types. Again your DPS largely come from skill power modifiers for posion and Room 0, so the better those skills and Skill power, the better it is for Freyna’s build. 

As for the Reactor specifically, you want to farm for green reactors for the Toxic skill modifiers. You also want to farm the second role modifier to be Tech. YTour Toxic Bullet, Toxic Swamp and 

Venom Baptism skills are all Tech skills, which are your primary damage tools. So, getting Tech will further increase Toxic Swamp, Toxic Bullet and Baptism rounds damage.

Gear and Mods

As for your Descendant Mods and Externals, be advised you want to stock up on:

  1. Defensive stats.
  2. Mana.
  3. Skill Power.

Freyna has very low base stats, so she will be very gear-dependent to play. Better defence, shielding and health she has, the more you can run around and spread that toxic delight. From then The more mana you get, the more you can throw your poison and improve your passive. After that, focus on Skill power modifiers. Freyna has strong damage via toxic passive improvements, resulting in high damage DoT effects making her very strong anyway. This about concludes the basics of what you need to know to get the most out of Freyna in The First Descendant. Good luck spreading those poisons and doing those big DoT damage to your foes.

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