Bunny build in The First Descendant – skills, tips, gear, and mods

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✓ At a Glance
  • Keep on the move to generate electricity for her skills
  • The more electricity you have, the more damage your skills deal.
  • Be careful not to over-expose yourself while building electricity. You may find yourself in imminent danger due to low HP and shields.
  • Focus on increasing Skillpower for better base skill damage and defensive stats to take away some of the risk of playing Bunny.

The Bunny is one of the first starter Descendants you unlock as a beginner. You’ll naturally work your way through the tutorial operation quotes, and learn a little bit about the Void battles. When you complete those quests, you should have all the requisites to unlock the Bunny, and now play as her if you so wish.

If you do play as her, then be aware that she has a unique playstyle, so, we’ll be helping you with our Bunny build and tips guide for The First Descendant.

Bunny skills for the The First Descendant

In terms of playstyle, you can expect the following skills from the Bunny:

  • Passive: Rabbit Foot – Gain a special electricity meter, which you can use to spend power on skills. You will gain more Electricity and you move, proportional to the speed and distance you travel. Idling will gradually reduce the amount of electricity you have stored. You can also double jump and, upon landing, deals (skill power x128.8%) in a 4-meter AOE around your landing site.
  • Thrill Bomb – Throw a bomb at the closest single enemy, which deals minor damage, applies the Elecotruction debuff to them, shocking them every second for minor damage for a duration. Damage equals skill power x 130.3% with the DoT effect dealing skill power x 46.8% each second for three seconds. This costs very little Electricity and will deal more damage based on the maximum amount of electricity you had at the time of the cast.
  • Speed of Light – Spend (16) MP per second to increase sprint speed by 50%. While moving, you generate Electricity very quickly (0.6% electricity bar per 1-meter run.)
  • Lightning Emission – Activate electricity to produce a lightning pulse around Bunny, dealing (skill power x 139.7% + an additional skill power x1% per 10% off your total electricity meter stored at the time of cast.) The skill also applies the Electrocution effect to the targets hit.
  • Ultimate: Maximum Power – Discharge all stored electricity into a giant energy beam. Deals damage to all enemies that come in contact with the beam (skill power x 471.9%) per tick. Further levels to the skill increase the damage. Hits for several damage cycles before expiring.
A energy beam skill the bunny uses from The First Decendant.
The Bunny uses electricity to fuel her abilities, with them doing more damage the more electricity she stores. Image via VideoGamer / Nexon.

Bunny gameplay tips

Essentially, the Bunny’s skills in The FIrst Descendant are very strange. For the most part, you want to spend your MP on using the Speed of Light skill to generate electricity. You can easily build this up just by moving around though, so only use your MP if you need to very quickly regen electricity during combat. Ideally, you want to have a full Electricity cap before using any skills, thanks to more electricity offering a better ultimate skill, and more damage on both your Thrill Bomb and Lightning Emission skills.

As for the main skills, you will more often than not be using Lighting emission. This skill is incredibly good for running around enemies, as a fully charged electricity bar and Emission press can clear the basic infantry enemies very quickly, if not one-shotting them. This is your main mob-clearing tool. If you can skirt between the cover and kill enemies that way, then this becomes one of the best skills in the same for map clearing or objective clearing during operations. See the gif below as an example.

Gif of Bunny combat from The First Descendant.
An example of using cover and running to generate electricity, while safely farming enemies with Lighting Emission. A solid tip and use of the Bunny’s skills in The First Descendant. GIF Captured via VideoGamer.

Meanwhile, your single target spell is Thrill Bomb, which honestly is very weak outside of maintaining the Electricity debuff on an enemy for a very cheap cost. You will more often than not be using all your energy on your ultimate skill on bosses, shredding weak spots on them or doing big bursts of damage when possible. Thanks to its 30-second CD and easy way to generate electricity by moving, Bunny has a great ultimate for single-target boss killing, as she won’t rely too much on MP dropping from resupplies or enemy kills during the fights.

The only other thing to be aware of is the Bunny is fairly fragile. Keep this in mind when you’re trying to tactically generate electricity, and when to run into enemies using your Lighting Emission skill. It’s very easy to kill yourself when you’re doing defend objectives or swarm missions during Operations. So, when it comes to her items and build, you want to build defensively and be smart about the decisions you make.

Bunny build in The First Descendant

Due to the Bunny’s playstyle, we highly recommend the following weapon types:

  • SMG /Assault Rifle common ammo weapon
  • Shotguns or weapons not selected above – with the green or orange ammo type
  • Launchers or shotguns – with purple ammo type.

In terms of weapons, the Bunny is largely a close-range character, thanks to the way her electricity damage works. You will often be running through packs of mobs with Emission active, so, going in with shotguns and SMGs is key to getting the highest DPS out of her. It is also valid to take assault rifles for the more distant enemies that are harassing you. Avoid using sniper or scout rifles largely because the zoom-in sniper playstyle may drain your electricity while you steady aim in without realizing it. If you stay still, your passive drains, which again, is easy to do scoped in. But, if you get a good Reactor with scout requirements for huge skill damage buffs, then it’s worth taking in that instance, but avoid scoping in unless you can keep moving while scoped.

As for your strongest ammo types, you’ll want launchers when possible, or some high-powered shotgun. This is because the launchers can help nuke bosses when your electricity is down, or blow up distant packs. Shotguns with high-powered ammo are also nice for killing the more elite enemies or bosses in close range. But don’t double up shottys if you’re running one with another ammo type as you want some range versatility in your kit while on the move.

All of the Bunny’s skills scale from the Electricity status effect and the Fusion status effect. Keep this in mind when looking for Reactors and weapon mods that affect your skills. Keep an eye out on the blueish reactors for the best opportunity at electricity modifiers. Fusion comes from other colours, so keep an eye on them too. But, if you’re not getting perfect loot rolls, keep an eye on the Reactors that give you the most skill damage to your Lighting Emission skill, that’s key.

Picture of the Bunny firing an assault rifle at an enemy robot in the First Descendant.
Bunny’s playstyle means her build should carry short to mid-range weaponry for better synergy with her skills. Image via VideoGamer / Nexon.

Descendant Mods, and Gear Builds for Bunny

In terms of descendant mods and gearing, you want to get as many Health modifiers as possible. The Bunny is squishy, so, the more health you can get, the better. Also, keep an eye on the content you’re running. Void instances tell you the resistance you want, while certain operations give you an idea of the enemies you face and what status effect you want to fight against. Outside of that, passive skill power improvements are also nice for her skill damage improvements. See the skill section to see how her skill power scales her abilities.

When you start getting item sets, take a look at sets that boost skill power, electricity effect, and your defensive stats. These are the perfect setup for her damage scalings, and keeping her alive while running around for electricity and Emission usage.

With regards to weapon mods, boost weapons’ ATK, alongside any additional Electricity mods you can get. More ammo for slight damage nerfs is also fine, as the additional ammo means more overall damage output. Weakpsot is also nice for hitting heads or other weak spots on bodies. 

With that said, you’ll passively get better defensive items and sets as you play through the game. So, don’t worry about min-maxing too hard with her defensive stats. If the number goes up then your defensiveness will go up. But, be careful transitioning to harder difficulties while you’re still progressing and clearing content. You’ll need to passively level up your Descednant and improve Mastery Rank ups over time to afford better Descendant and Weapon mods to take you to those harder difficulty content.

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