The Finals dev says huge game changing addition is ‘in the plans’

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The Finals fans have a lot to anticipate. Fans are set to get a brand new mode called Terminal Attack, and this is set to arrive in just a couple of days. While the imminent arrival of a brand new game mode is exciting, so too are the potential long term plans of the game. Don’t expect it to arrive soon, but The Finals developer has said that they will try to add a game changing feature that is ‘in the plans’.

As mentioned, Terminal Attack is a brand new mode coming to The Finals. It will arrive alongside two incoming nerfs that have divided fans. In addition to this new mode, fans would like to see The Finals introduce a new feature loved by Fortnite players, meanwhile, many finalists are impatiently waiting for this goth girl skin to drop.

Terminal Attack is very exciting and will launch in just a couple of days. It’s a fantastic imminent update, but rest assured that the potential long term plans of the game are equally exciting as Embark has said that they will try to add cars to the game.

The Finals developer will try to add cars

The Finals developer has said that they will try to add cars to the mutliplayer experience. This was stated by Embark Rob on the game’s official Discord channel as spotted by Reddit user TheCoHawk.

A user on Discord asked Embark Rob ‘when are we getting that car from the teaser so long ago. I’ve been dreaming of that yellow beauty ever since’. To this Rob replied, ‘As soon as we get the time to rewrite the physics, it’s in the plans’.

In addition to the message from Rob shared on Reddit, the Embark developer clarified that he meant Embark will try and that it’s not guaranteed to happen. Below you can find the posts from Embark Rob:

The finals car discord post
Image credit: The Finals discord

As for when cars were specifically teased, you can see a glimpse of a driven car in an early build of The Finals gameplay in the embedded tweet from Embark down below posted back in 2021:

The addition of cars/vehicles to The Finals would be huge and game changing. As seen in the Reddit replies, on paper it has nearly limitless possibilities with fans already dreaming up fanciful ways to kill enemies.

While the possibilities on paper are intriguing, it’s also difficult to imagine how The Finals could possibly add cars to the game. As pointed out by one user, ‘it would be hard to implement vehicles on the current maps because of how small the roads/ paths can be’.

With this point standing, some fans theorize that Embark could possibly ‘make a single map that has vehicles as its gimmick’. Vehicles as the gimmick of a map/mode could be the solution but there are no hints from Embark about the thought process.

Again, it’s not confirmed that cars definitely will come to The Finals. All Embark Rob has said is that ‘it’s in the plans’ and that Embark will try.

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