The Finals fans are still waiting for goth skin to drop

The Finals fans are still waiting for goth skin to drop
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The Finals hasn’t received a regular update this week, but it did get the usual store rotation. This added the comically large spoon to crack skulls like eggs, and many fans are happy about the arrival of this big spoon. But, while pleased about the arrival of the large spoon, some of The Finals fans are still anxiously waiting for the goth girl skin to drop.

Although not a regular update, Embark has still shared minimal 2.5.1 patch notes. They have also explained why there is no update 2.6.0 this week along with providing a timeframe for when it will arrive. Embark is working on ‘something very cool’ and we cannot wait to see the mysterious addition.

But, while we wait to see what the significant update is all about, some players are just anxiously waiting for what some fans have dubbed the ‘goth mommy’ skin.

The Finals fans still waiting for goth skin

While elated that the big spoon has finally arrived after several weeks of waiting, many of The Finals fans are in disarray that the goth skin hasn’t arrived. This is the goth girl teased in the Season 2 trailer.

The Finals season 2
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It’s all fun, lighthearted, and in jest with numerous Reddit posts created about the skin’s highly-anticipated arrival. The most recent thread is titled ‘Another shop refresh, another week without the goth skin‘. The top comment is ‘Surely next week we get our goth mommy’ to which another user replied ‘We say this every week’.

There’s also another recent Reddit thread titled ‘No goth mommy but comically large spoon is here‘. There are comments which suggest Embark is ‘keeping the best for last with the goth girl release’. If this is the case, then we could be waiting more than a month for goth baddie to arrive as Season 2 isn’t slated to end until mid-June.

Embark hasn’t confirmed when or how the goth girl skin will arrive, but one of the comments on Reddit says she was ‘available to run in the open beta’. While goth mommy is nice, another user pointed out that there are multiple ‘really cool skins from the beta/release trailers that still haven’t showed up [such as] skull paint and black jackets, katanas and a Samurai outfit’.

When the ‘goth mommy’ skin does drop, it’s bound to be one of the most popular. But that’s one of the strongest elements of The Finals is the fact that it has really cool drip. If you haven’t already, remember that you can still claim two epic outfits and 12 weapons skins free with no expiration date for claiming.

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The Finals is available on PS5, Xbox Series X/S, and PC.