The Finals incoming nerfs for next update massively divides fans

The Finals incoming nerfs for next update massively divides fans
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Update: The nerfs coming to The Finals were expected to arrive on April 24th, but developer Embark Studios has shared that there is no new update happening this week. The previewed nerfs are still coming ‘in the next week or two’.

Original story:

The Finals is currently in Season 2. Embark’s second chapter has largely been a blast thanks to all of the new additions including map, gadgets, and weapons. The developer has also been updating the game regularly with most patches received very well by the community. Ahead of the next update, The Finals developer has shared incoming nerfs with fans massively divided online.

While we know what to expect from the next patch, there are fixes fans would like to see. There’s an unbelievable bug that lets players trigger mines while spectating, and fans have also complained about an audio issue said to be worse than any other multiplayer game from Call of Duty to Apex Legends. Aside from fixes, fans are also waiting for the addition of a deadly weapon previously teased by Embark online.

All of the above are wants from the fanbase, but we do know a little of what we are getting. There are two incoming nerfs for the Light class, and The Finals fans are very divided online about whether they should be happening.

Revealed nerfs for The Finals next update

Below are two upcoming nerfs previewed in The Finals update 2.5.0 patch notes:

Stun gun:

  • Dev Note: We’re aware of player frustrations around being stunned by the Stun Gun and are planning some changes to get it to a better place. However, these changes require more testing before we deploy them so it will be update 2.6 before these arrive. 

Cloaking device:

  • Dev Note: This does not change the maximum sustain time, but makes it drain faster when toggling it on and off too frequently. In addition to this change, we’re also investigating changes to the visibility of cloaked players, but these will not be deployed until the 2.6 update as they require more testing.

Per the above previews, the stun gun is getting nerfed/reworked, and the cloaking device is receiving further nefs following an increase in its activation cost from 14.2% to 33%. No specific metrics are provided, but it’s noted that the cloaking device changes will impact the visibility of players.

There’s no exact details about how the stun gun will be nerfed and the titbit about the cloaking device is minimal at best. Yet, despite the minimalism, these upcoming nerfs have started a war online amongst the community.

Fans of the Light class have primarily argued that it’s the least powerful class in the game yet is the one constantly receiving the most devastating nerfs. Players have defended the Light class online insisting ‘invis isn’t overpowered,’ meanwhile, other and more humorous posts are pleading with Embark to please stop killing Light. The revealed upcoming nerfs have also resulted in fans encouraging Embark to stop listening to the community for deciding balance changes.

On the flip side of the coin, many of the community are happy about the upcoming reworks. We previously reported that fans were complaining about the stun gun as unfair to other players especially when exploited with invisibility. There are also Light mains who have defended Embark insisting that the current status of the cloaking device is indefensible and that changes are necessary.

When the next update comes out, it will be interesting to see exactly how the stun gun and cloaking device are rebalanced, and whether the changes bring fans together or cause further division with people crowing that Light is dead.

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