Best gadgets for each class in The Finals

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✓ At a glance
  • We recommend the Stun Gun, Breach Charge, and Vanishing Bomb for Light.
  • Medium should try the APS Turret, Defibrillators, and the Jump Pad.
  • The RPG-7, Barricade, and Dome Shield are great options for Heavy contestants.

Each contestant in The Finals gets a choice of three tools to take with them into the arena, and there’s plenty to pick from. Season 3 introduced even more gadgets like the Light’s Thermal Bore. Picking from a wide range of options can feel dizzying, even if you can bring extras along via your reserve loadout. Read on for our top recommendations that factor into all playstyles.

Best gadgets explained

Most classes can use the same gadgets across each loadout, with some tools being exclusive to the specific class. Light builds have Breach Charges, while the Heavy has an RPG-7, for example. Here are the best gadgets in the game:

  • Stun Gun
  • Breach Charge
  • Vanishing Bomb
  • APS Turret
  • Defibrillators
  • Jump Pad and Zipline
  • RPG-7
  • Barricade
  • Dome Shield

Depending on your playstyle, you might prefer one item over another. For instance, stealthy Light builds would prefer the Vanishing Bomb over the Goo Grenade. As for defensive tactics, Defibrillators let you bring teammates back quicker and retain your position in-game. Our top picks will help beginners and experienced players alike rework their existing loadouts and tactics.

Best Light build gadgets

Add these gadgets to your loadout as a Light player:

Stun Gun

Despite its nerfs, the Stun Gun remains a lethal threat, letting you freeze opponents in place and opening them up to attacks. But miss your attack and you will also be open to enemy hits. You can pair this with close-range weapons like a shotgun or sword to maximise your potential. Or you could ask a teammate to bring one of the new dual blades or spear weapons in Season 3 to finish the job.

Breach Charge

The Breach Charge can and should be used like the RPG-7 to blow up terrain. It’s amazing at clearing out obstacles such as walls, floors, and other things that get in your way. They can be placed on any destructible surfaces and detonated remotely, giving you time to reposition and strategize as you start causing mayhem. And yes, Cashouts can be dropped into different floors this way. Plus, the expanded radius from patch 3.4.0 will help a lot. To accomplish this from a distance, consider the new Thermal Bore in Season 3.

Vanishing Bomb

While you can cloak individually as a Light player, the Vanishing Bomb lets you hide your allies from enemies too. You can be caught by motion trackers so keep a lookout for them. Despite that, it’s an effective way to ambush or retreat from foes. If you want a mobility option in addition to your Grappling Hook specialization, consider the Gateway. Its portal ability will let your team travel incredible distances.

Best Medium build gadgets

Medium will be able to assist their allies in combat with these items:

APS Turret

We’re starting our Medium list with one of the best zoning tools in the game. Use the APS Turret to maintain control over an area. It automatically targets enemy projectiles, grenades, and utilities so you can focus your priorities elsewhere. It’s perfect when you want to protect an entry point or make a getaway to the nearest Cashout Station. Pair it with a regular Guardian Turret and you’ll be able to protect it from most explosives. Frag grenades and Pyro grenades won’t even reach the turret fort. This combo is great in Terminal Attack since enemies cannot regenerate health and their gadgets in this game mode.


Defibrillators are easily one of the best gadgets for Medium builds, simply because they let you revive your dead allies in a pinch. While everyone can revive allies, it takes a while. In comparison, the Defibrillator lets you revive near-instantly. Just remember not to walk into an Explosive Mine or Gas grenade.

The utility of this should speak for itself. If you’re the last one in your team defending a Cashout, and your fallen allies are close by, you can bring one back in the blink of an eye and let you turn the tide of the battle for a heck of a comeback. Pair this with the Medium build’s Healing Beam specialization and you’ll become a full-fledged medic who resurrects allies and keeps them alive. Remember that this is useless in the Terminal Attack mode as revives aren’t allowed.

Jump Pad and Zipline

I’m pairing these two together since they’re great at enhancing the mobility of your squad. As a Medium build player, you can support your allies by letting them navigate terrain more easily. The Jump Pad is particularly potent when used near a draw bridge. Shoot the button to slowly get the bridge to an incline to maximize the potential of this gadget. As for the Zipline, it’s a great way to move between tall structures without risking a fall. To counter these mobility tools, use the new Data Reshaper to turn them into harmless objects.

Best Heavy build gadgets

Here’s what the durable Heavies should bring to a match:


Since almost the entire arena is destructible in the game, having something that can tear down walls, floors, and ceilings is beyond useful. The Heavy is the only class that can use the RPG-7 and it makes them experts in creating openings and exits. It’s just as effective in Ranked Tournaments too.

Is the Cashout happening on the floor above you and is heavily defended? Blow up the floor from underneath and drop it down to your level. Need to get to the other side of a building? Blast a hole through the wall. Since it recharges, you can use the RPG-7 over and over again. Now it comes with an expanded radius, for even bigger holes and an easier way to damage the enemy. The Heavy build can also wield a Sledgehammer as a weapon to clear terrain for their squad but I prefer a ranged weapon here.

✓ Antony’s tip

Remember that gadgets exist and recharge

While you might forget about your kit during a heated firefight, using all your tools can mean the difference between a squad wipe and a close call.


The Barricade can only be used by Heavy contestants and it does exactly what it says on the tin. You can drop multiple barricades to act as cover while you’re out in the open. They can also be used as a way to slow down pursuing enemies by placing them in narrow corridors. The barricade withstands damage and is invaluable for your team if you’re pushing up to an open objective area or if you need to defend your position. Extremely versatile, the Barricade is a must-have gadget in every Heavy loadout.

Dome Shield

As a team player, the Heavy build can choose to use the Dome Shield to protect their allies from damage. This isn’t limited to bullets as map conditions like meteors can make extraction and depositing Multibucks a hassle across open spaces. Use this to protect your team as they tackle threats. Since it has a cooldown, you don’t have to be too picky about where you deploy this gadget. If you want an offensive option instead, use it with the new Winch Claw specialization that lets you pull foes towards you, Scorpion-style.

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