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Watch the hilarious result you get if you trap an NPC in Tears of the Kingdom

Tears of the Kingdom Ultrahand Trap NPC
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Tears of the Kingdom players have committed all sorts of outrageous exploits ever since the game was first made available to the public. Now, however, it seems that another inquisitive Zelda fan has found a new pastime they can do to while away their hours in Hyrule: trapping random NPCs in large suffocating boxes, and the result is largely entertaining.

Although this absurd, in-game hobby isn’t as bad as torturing Koroks and abusing the poor signpost guy, it still arguably takes the cake for having the most amusing result so far. Once you see what happens to the innocent NPC, you may just have to travel and look for all 15 Skyview Tower locations just to find out where they went.

Before we get into the conclusion of this inhumane experiment, however, we’ll need to take you all the way back to its inception. The idea of trapping NPCs seemingly came from a user named New_Help_2261 who shared a clip of his exploits through the Tears of the Kingdom subreddit. In the short video they provided, the player could be seen using the Ultrahand ability to bring a box-like contraption over to a troubled character.

The player would then place the box’s slot onto the NPC, after which they flipped the container over in order to trap them inside it. What ended up happening next, however, is something that not even Link himself could have foreseen.

As soon as our protagonist stopped using Ultrahand, the box containing the NPC immediately started glitching and flipping out. It then jumped up into the air and floated for a few seconds until it eventually ended up blasting off into the sky, away from the cruel experiments that Link conducts.

It’s currently unclear what happened to the random Hylian character as the video was cut off as soon as the box was launched. But based on the community’s past misdeeds, it’s safe to say that this won’t be the last NPC trap experiment we see in the near future.

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