Tears of the Kingdom players are torturing poor Koroks by sending them into outer space

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The Tears of the Kingdom community has apparently had enough of Hyrule’s diminutive, leaf-bearing creatures as players are now torturing Koroks by sending them to outer space. Those that were able to play 2017’s Breath of the Wild should know just how difficult it was to search for these critters, and the fans are now taking out their frustrations on them because of this.

One particularly frustrated Redditor named u/amboredentertainme has even decided that they no longer want to see these beings on Hyrule after strapping one to a rocket using the Tears of the Kingdom Fuse ability and subsequently sending it into outer space. Naturally, the pacifistic creature did nothing to prevent the impending disaster that was to come.

After all, this isn’t an activity that the Korok signed up for as its typical speech bubble revealed that it simply needed to reach its friend. Alas, the cold-blooded player did not heed its pleas and went ahead with the device’s launch, much to the chagrin of the small, well-meaning forest spirit. With a barely discernible “Pyah!,” the innocent critter went on its involuntary journey to outer space and beyond.

Ruthless fans commenting under the post in question couldn’t help but approve of the innovative method used by the player to torture the Korok. One responder even noted that this was “a giant leap for treekind,” as this is one forest spirit that won’t be bothering Link anymore with its inane puzzles.

Another user, on the other hand, decided to employ a different method in the torture of a Korok. Rather than sticking one to a rocket, a Redditor named u/Straight-Earth2762 built a large crucifix instead and placed it on there using the Fuse ability. It’s currently unclear what this creature’s fate was, but it’s safe to say that it suffered a more terrible fate than its space-faring friend.

Unfortunately for these forest spirits, this may not be the last time that these critters get toyed with as a large number of fans are seemingly tired of their exploits in the game. If you don’t harbor any ill-will towards these spirits, however, then we suggest learning about how to help the Koroks reach their friends in Tears of the Kingdom instead. Alternatively, you can also read about all Tears of the Kingdom glitches instead so you can skip these side quests altogether.

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