Tears of the Kingdom player goes full X Games mode with sick rail grind to complete a shrine

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A Tears of the Kingdom player has gone full X Games mode after they managed to pull off a sick rail grind to finish a shrine. Although this person’s creative method of completing one of the game’s ever-present structures isn’t the only method available, it certainly takes the cake for being the most extreme attempt so far.

A user named @garrettkidney shared a snippet of this daring exploit through Twitter wherein they said that “this is absolutely positively not the intended solution,” but the fact “that it actually worked is what makes the game magic.” Since Nintendo initially revealed previews of each in-game ability, it’s become widely known that creativity would play a big part in advancing through the game and this clip is just further proof of it.

Based on what was seen in the short video, it seems that the rails were already present within the shrine itself. In order to get on the rails, however, this player used the new Ultrahand ability to place a stone structure on the track itself that they would then use as a platform to jump off of. Naturally, the last component they needed to complete this extreme approach was an item you could skate on, which in this case was Link’s shield.

Garrett would then reveal that they “spent ten minutes trying to come up with smart ways to solve this” before they eventually came across this method. Seeing this unorthodox solution work within the game is obviously very promising as it means that everyone will be able to come up with their own ways of solving specific puzzles throughout the game, and that includes turning Link into an extreme sports star.

Now that you know about Link’s side gig as a skateboarding professional, we recommend checking out how to catch fish in Tears of the Kingdom and how to start a fire in Tears of the Kingdom for a few tips on some of the game’s fundamental aspects.

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