Street Fighter V gets new gameplay trailer for Akira from Rival Schools

Street Fighter V gets new gameplay trailer for Akira from Rival Schools
Ben Borthwick Updated on by

Capcom has released a new Street Fighter V gameplay trailer for the arrival of DLC character Akira from today.

Akira is, as previously revealed, coming along from Capcom stablemate Rival Schools. She’s bringing along her brother Daigo, who helps out in some of her moves as a nod to Rival School’s assist character feature. Other moves transferring over from her home series include the Kikio Kai energy blast and Urarimon elbow strike.

As for her V-System moves, these include V-Skill I ‘Kiko Rensei’. This enhances her Kikio Kai to add more hits and damage, with the EX modifier allowing the projectile to bounce. Her Tsutenda combo that is her V-Skill II launches opponents into the air. Perfect for juggling combos and getting your foe into the air.

Meanwhile her V Trigger I  is called Otoko No Senaka and sees her call upon Daigo to drop down from the sky to slam her opponent. He’ll stick around, even if Akira gets hit and can break her out of combos. V Trigger II Haten no Kamae, meanwhile, puts her in a fighting stance. From here, she can pull off three different follow-up attacks.

Akira and previously detailed character Ono both arrive in Street Fighter V from today. Check out the trailer below and grab them in Street Fighter V on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4 and PC. Then this November keep your eyes peeled for final DLC fighter, Luke.