Street Fighter V will welcome Rival Schools’ Akira Kazama in future update

Street Fighter V will welcome Rival Schools’ Akira Kazama in future update
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Capcom has held their Spring Update for Street Fighter V last night and offered fans updates on three new DLC fighters heading to the roster over the next few months, including the reveal of Rival Schools veteran, Akira Kazama.

First and most imminently, Street Fighter IV returnee Rose will be added to the game's ever-expanding roster on April 19 with some new moves added, including Soul Fortune which has her using tarot cards to buff her or debuff her opponent in different ways, or Soul Dimension that allows her to teleport around the arena.

Meanwhile, Soul Satellite will summon an orb to help her in battle, with the ability to have a second one if you input the command again which is handy for deflecting opponent's projectiles. Finally Soul Illusion casts a mirror duplicate of Rose and will mirror your moves, giving your foes twice the headache when dealing with her.

The second character detailed was Oro, coming this Summer. Returning from Street Fighter III, Oro has his leaping moveset back from that game including his double jump and some new moves such as the Tsuranekeashi kick. His V-Skills include an Onibi fireball and a hopping attack called Minomushi while his V-Triggers include the Manrikitan throw and the telekinetic Tengu Stone attack.

Finally, Capcom announced that Akira Kazama of the classic Rival Schools series will be debuting in Street Fighter V later this year. It's relatively early days with the character still in development, but we can already see from her reveal trailer she'll be ready to enter the fray with a range of air-attack combos and she's bringing along her brother Daigo to help out in her V-Trigger too. Capcom promise more information on Oro and Akira in future updates.

Check out Akira's debut video alongside the complete Spring Update broadcast for yourself below and you can check out the full update post on the Capcom Unity website. Rose lands in Street Fighter V on April 19 on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4 and PC and will, along with Oro and Akira, also be a part of the currently ongoing Street Fighter Season 5 Pass which includes Dan Hibiki and one more, still to be revealed character later this year.