Starfield Metacritic user score sees sharp drop as gamers review bomb Bethesda RPG

Starfield Metacritic user score sees sharp drop as gamers review bomb Bethesda RPG
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Starfield, Bethesda’s sprawling interplanetary RPG, received plenty of acclaim upon its release as the sprawling open-space adventure game primarily lived up to the hype for many. Unfortunately, the game’s limitations and exclusivity on Xbox and PC systems, have prompted numerous gamers to start review-bombing it on Metacritic as the game’s overall user score has now dipped to all-time low figures.

Even with Bethesda introducing plenty of content through the myriad Starfield planets, Starfield companions, and Starfield factions within, some players still seemingly aren’t satisfied,d by the final product as evidenced by many of the reviews left on the game’s official Metacritic page. Most of the scores left by disgruntled gamers mainly range between zero and five, with some users even saying that “this is one of the worst games they’ve ever played.”

On the other hand, some have unsurprisingly compared it to past Bethesda creations like the widely popular Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind and similar outer space-based entries like No Man’s Sky. Of course, with the latter entry from Hello Games being the only game that is remotely comparable to Starfield, the contrast between both installments was always going to be inevitable.

In addition, many complaints also seem to focus on Starfield’s graphical shortcomings with some in particular calling out the 30 fps limitation. Some have even given the game a score of zero because of this, despite it being a small issue considering the game’s massive scale. Fortunately, the wave of negativity has since settled, but an equally subjective barrage of positive reviews have now taken its place.

No matter what your thoughts are on Bethesda’s RPG, though, it’s safe to say that Starfield will continue to be remembered for years to come following its largely successful release. If you want to learn more on the game, check out our guides on how to repair a ship in Starfield and all Starfield ship manufacturers and locations as well.