RTX 4070 Ti stock tracker – where is it in stock?

RTX 4070 Ti stock tracker – where is it in stock?
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Our RTX 4070 Ti stock tracker will be live updated with the most relevant information on where the RTX 4070 Ti is in stock. The RTX 4070 Ti has now launched and so different retailers have begun listing their stock. This includes Amazon and Newegg at the time of writing.

As we’ve seen with the launches of the RTX 4090 and RTX 4080Nvidia’s RTX 40-series GPUs are in high demand. The launch days have been tentative experiences for gamers just looking to get their hands on the latest Lovelace graphics cards, especially in light of the recurring stock shortages we’ve grown to become accustomed to.

Gamers looking to upgrade to the budget friendly Lovelace option will likely have to surmount a similar hurdle as finding stock on retailers can be an extremely frustrating process.

Now that we’ve reached the release date, you might have found where to buy the RTX 4070 Ti only to be met with every gamer’s least favourite short horror story – out of stock. Our stock tracker will be updated daily with relevant links to the RTX 4070 Ti and where it can be found in stock.

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RTX 4070 Ti stock tracker in the US

At the time of writing, Newegg currently has a few products in stock. Amazon only has one product in stock though it is significantly higher than the MSRP.

Best Buy have listed products on their website, however they are switching in and out of stock periodically. This is expected so soon after launch, and we expect that they will some steadiness soon.



Best Buy




RTX 4070 Ti stock tracker in the UK

At the time of writing, we’ve seen stock online from Overclockers and Scan. We’re going to be checking in on each retailer as the launch date progresses ensuring that when we spot new stock it’s listed through here.

Where to find RTX 4070 Ti stock?

The best chance you’ll have finding RTX 4070 Ti stock in the case of stock shortages will be the major retailers:

If you’re still unable to grab an RTX 4070 Ti after the release – that’s likely because they’re not in stock anywhere. If this does occur, we recommend keeping a close eye on this stock tracker as past experiences have proven that the graphics cards will ultimately return to online retailers often.