RTX 4070 Ti vs 7900 XT – which should you go for?

RTX 4070 Ti vs 7900 XT – which should you go for?
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We’re getting down and dirty to compare Nvidia’s RTX 4070 Ti vs 7900 XT.

With the product now having launched, we’ve compiled information on where to buy the RTX 4070 Ti and where to find stock. However, before you purchase it, you would be right in questioning how it’s going to shape up against AMD’s 7900 XT, so far characterised as the People’s Graphics Card following the eyewatering prices from Nvidia’s flagship RTX 4090.

Though it may be subject to a price hike, the 4070 Ti’s MSRP will be $799. It’s a number that undercuts the RX 7900 XT by $100, whilst costing a massive $400 less than the 4080. However, since the graphics card was launched, we’ve begun to see online listings for the GPU upwards of $1,300 – which is not a fair price. If you’re able to cut through the noise and find normally prices RTX 4070 Tis – you’re in luck.

If this has piqued your interest, it may be worth reading through our RTX 4070 Ti vs 4080 piece where we consider the pros and cons of both cards. However, it may be that you’re worried about the additional hardware costs associated with the 4080, like a new PSU or PC case. If this is the case, consider Nvidia’s previous-gen 3080 which we’ve put against the 4070 Ti.

Without further ado, let’s put Team Blue & Team Red head to head in the battle of the specs!

RTX 4070 Ti vs 7900 XT – specs

SpecsRTX 4070 TiRX 7900 XT
Processors 7680 CUDA Cores5376 Stream Processors
Clock speed (base – boost)2.31 – 2.611.5 – 2.4
ArchitectureLovelaceRDNA 3
Memory Interface192-bit320-bit
Ray Tracing cores3rd Gen84
Tensor cores4th Gen5.376
Maximum resolution7260 x 43207260 x 4320
ConnectivityHDMI 2.1, 3 x DisplayPort1x HDMI 2.1a, 2x DisplayPort 2.1, 1x USB Type-C
Required system power (W)226315
Graphics card power (W)750750

There’s a lot to digest here, and it doesn’t help that Nvidia and AMD use different brand names to refer to processing, Ray Tracing and Tensor Core specs. Allow us to make sense of them for you.

In regard to Ray Tracing, which refers to a method of graphics rendering that simulates the physical behaviour of light, Nvidia is known to be the leading pioneer.

This is partly due to DLSS 3.0 which helps boost any RTX 40-series card’s performance in Ray Tracing via AI upscaling. Despite the hype around Ray Tracing though, it is more taxing on your GPU, so it shouldn’t be considered a serious win for the RTX 4070 Ti unless you’re keen on games like Fortnite – one of the most demanding Ray Tracing games you can currently play. What is more, AMD has certainly upped their game in regard to Ray Tracing, meaning Nvidia is no longer the clear-cut winner.

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You should also pay attention to AMD’s RX 7900 XT’s impressive 20GB of VRAM meaning you can expect an even and smooth execution of graphics. Coming in at 8GB more than the RTX 4070 Ti, AMD’s graphics card, the RX 7900 XT might look like the better option to future-proof your gaming set-up. Indeed, current and next-gen games are becoming more taxing as graphics become detailed.

Ultimately, the specs we’ve discussed here only tell one story. To reach your conclusion, you’ll need to look at the benchmarks of your favourite games to work out which graphics card suits you best.

Is the 4070 Ti worth it?

We’re definitely excited to see how the RTX 4070 Ti shapes up against AMD’s 7000-series graphics cards.

With its price potentially being $100 less than the 4070 Ti is looking like a lucrative option. However, it’s well worth waiting to read a few independent reviews of the graphics card after its release before splashing the cash.

In the meantime, we’ve considered the RTX 4070 Ti vs 3090 to better inform your final decision.

Frequently asked questions

How much will the RTX 4070 Ti cost?

Nvidia has announced that the RTX 4070 Ti will cost $799 upon its release, though this may be subject to change depending on demand.

How much better is the RTX 4070 Ti than the 3080?

According to our friends over at WePC, you can expect the 4070 Ti to perform around 30-40% better than the RTX 3080.